Thursday, September 29, 2011

Noah’s Ark Found!

Well, Sort Of…LOL
I discovered that they’ve built a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong. It's kind of funny because my "Animals" Catergory is titled as 'Noah Ark' and here i am LOL!

Strangly, Hong Kong is slowly getting a bit boring for me since i don't have much of a night life anymore. The night before my day off (It so happens that it was also my friend's day off it, yet it was a random Weekday LOL) i decided to do some research of what we could do besides the usual shopping and cafes.
I wanted to go somewhere out in the open with fresh air at the same time a slight "tourist" feel. Disneyland, Ocean Park.. "again?" i thought. The Big Budda? hmm! good but maybe its too hot to climb up the thousand stairs… Madame Tussuads on the peek? or… hold on… 'Noah's Ark' ?! WTF is Noahs Ark? Listed under Theme Parks/Parks!?
I looked at their website and omg, it WAS a "theme park"! I called up my Local friends of Hong Kong and somehow even they never knew something like this even existed! Looking at the Location and the map given on the website it was located on a random island under the bridge to Tung Chung where i used to live. I thought "i used to cross that bridge everyday and i think i would of been able to spot a huge Ark…"

So, it was decided. I thought it would be an interesting day trip, so i grabbed my friends along with me and it did prove to be an interesting day trip - As it turns out this is the only full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark in the world!
As with many things in Hong Kong, it is a little bizarre. Note the giant bridge just behind the ark making is fairly impossible to ever believe you were in the Ancient World. Ticket was cheap too, only HK$145 per Adult. Yet, a lot of money has gone into the exhibition and the whole thing has been together quite thoughtfully. The theme park was like a big zoo but all the animals were not real though. Lol

We wandered through the main museum which was interesting. (mostly because we were the only ones there! Made us feel like royalty.) We learned about Noah’s journey and how it could impact our world today. We had fun walking around and doing all the different exhibits. Most of them were for little kids but we still did them. Lol It was fun and made us laugh. (Shows our inner age lol)
The museum also had some animal exhibits, which to me was very amusing. (You know me and animals lol! Well, would of been funnier for you guys to read if there was a video attached of me trying to piss of a baby hedgehog. ) errhem, moving on..
I was impressed that the museum ended by highlighting pressing environmental issues on our planet with a 4D show. I thought this was a sensible and thoughtful message to conclude the exhibition, something entirely consistent with the biblical Creation mandate and yet something even unbelievers could affirm.
So we walked out of the museum not entirely sure what to think. It was well put together and professional, but I’m not so convinced of their evidence for the actual discovery of Noah’s Ark.

Anyway, we did see a Chinese Noah, who didn’t speak any English to us (but I don’t think he spoke much Ancient Hebrew or Aramaic either!).

After the long walk through the park(I will blog about this another day. There's a reason for it.), we walked around on the beach(Yes! they had their own beach!) It was nice to take our shoes off and walk along the water. I love that it didn't feel like i was at a theme park at all! Just a chillful day with some good friends.

It's such a shame that almost no-one knows about Noah's Ark in Hong Kong, it's such a waste. I mean, they even have their own resort! Me and my friends were trying to think of how they could improve. First - Advertising, very important and secondly, they need to get themselves a fucking panda - Just ONE panda and the people will naturally start pouring in. haha! Come on, it's Noah's Ark!


  1. Definitely a worthy finding of yours

  2. a fucking panda yea?...what would it be fucking? :p

  3. Good to hear to finally found that and had a good time/day-off out of it, but I can't understand how living in Tung Chung before that you couldn't have known about that place, I mean, I have know about that since they started work on the sight, but mind you, I do drive over that bridge often enough, and I suppose you don't, and have been living in different places, whereas I have only lived here in/on Lantau Island, plus it pay for me to do my homework here, so that I know what HK has got for visitors, and so that I can send my guests & visiting friends to Interesting places when I get them staying over here, so I knew mainly because of my research on that basis, but I did hear about it and could see the works progress!

    Well, anyway, the main thing is that you found it eventually, but a little more homework on your surroundings will certainly pay off in the future, if/when you have to entertain clients etc (like I do a lot).

    I'm off to Macau right now, got some BiG BiZ to do over there today, so maybe I might bump into you L8r...Ciao..☺/

    ps: I'll write & send a suggestion to the owners about getting another Panda for ya!!!!!