Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Notting Hill Carnival in London 2011!

Waking up super early after sleeping 'Early' was a bum but i was so excited i swear i can't even begin to explain how happy i felt and what a great time i had at the carnival, wow it was so much fun i loved every bit of it. But before heading out, something i cannot NOT do, is to have the hotel's Full English breakfast room serviced!!!! Haha, i'm such a pig. Nom Nom Nom.

Many stations have been closed due to the carnival so we ended up traveling an extra few stops before we could reach an open station. I was like, "Crap, how am i to talk to the carnival without getting lost?" And oh! Look at that! Saves road idiots like me a bunch! LOL!

The carnival celebrates Caribbean culture and attracts about 1 million people with its mix of flamboyant dancers, rousing steel bands and booming outdoor sound systems.

I went on the last day. I've never been so this would be my first time, but all my friends have told me it's the best!

Alright, another tourist shot. Haha, i must say, Britian Police Officer's uniforms are much better looking than the ones in Hong Kong. Plus, with their tall hats it makes them look even BIGGER!! The police on the right is pretty charming. hoho. They were very nice and friendly.

Police say about 274 people were arrested during London's Notting Hill Carnival - Europe's largest street festival (a similar number to the previous year) despite worries of major disturbances following England's riots.

Something else i need to mention that's not related to the Carnival though. Did you know that if a Pregnant woman needs to use the toilet and there's none close by, a Police officer must offer his hat to let her urinate! D: hmm, can add that to my 'To Do' List for the future.

LOL!!! ANYWAYS!! Here are some of the photos i took from the Floats. There's actually a lot more, but i think no one would be able to load my page if i put like hundreds of photos into one blog.

Something that i found very cool was that many people would bring out their own collection of Speakers and stereos and be in competition with the others on who's got the better sound system for a party. Haha! I would walk down different streets and randomly see sound systems stacked up and a bunch of people chilling or dancing. It was interesting.

After a lot of dancing and drinking coconut with rum, me and my friends decided to grab some lunch! There were so many stalls to choose from but one thing you must eat here is the Jerk Chicken! Jerk chicken is a Caribbean dish featuring chicken marinated in the famous jerk sauce of Jamaica. The chicken is prepared on an open grill, and served with sides like rice, salad, and mixed vegetables. The chicken is dry, fiery, and slightly smoky, But i like it. Another dish we had was the Curry Goat.

By the time we left, hundreds of people were heading to Westbourne Grove and Ladbroke Grove, dancing, laughing and enjoying the last days of summer. It’s a fun time for all — head on over if you’re in London next year!

Oh and just one final thing to end this blog. The GIF of the DAY!
Me and my friend were doing our attempt of Shuffling randomly in the street to the Party Rock anthem and a guy out of no where deicided to join us. Yep, that's Carnival! :P


  1. Hi Lukian,

    seeing the pics It looks like Carnaval that we have here in Brazil, even the name is the same. I think the most similar thing are the colorful clothes and almost nude people walking down in a street, I think our Carnaval came from Carnival.

    You could come to Carnaval one day too, it is in the end of february,

    how about that?

  2. Excellent, it's nice to see & hear that you had a really good time, with all the big sound systems rocking, the many dancers, the smell of all that scrummy food in the air, the fun & atmosphere of it all, the coppers that you had photo's with, and your special shuffle etc. What a pity that our paths didn't meet half way, as I too was around in the area with a couple of friends of mine & one nephew & one niece, but still plenty of room for new friends to be with us, I guess we were just separated by so many people, and I did not even know that you were there! We went back to my huge department near Edgware Road Baker street right after, you'd have gotten an invitation to come join our little party / barbeque, that would have been awesome!!!!!
    Oh well, never mind, maybe next time perhaps.

    I'll also be back in HK by Monday next, as my time here is up too, got work to catch up on before I go & spend Christmas in my new villa in Melbourne.

    ps: good that you stoked-up with the big English breakfast before setting off, even better that you tried some spicy foods too while you enjoyed the party, which is the main difference between the Notting Hill Carnaval & others, it's also a street party as well as a cultural celebration, you must still be feeling happy about having made it there for the very first time.....Yeeaahh..\☺/


  3. Crikey, did I just say "Department"(??) Of course I meant to say "Apartment" as in my place.

  4. hi pretty Lukian :)

    can i know what camera you use? it's GF2 ?=)

    very nice photo and u pretty Lukian ^^~~~

  5. RE: Xiaocai Phoemi ^^V

    I'm using the GF1. :)
    I bought the GF2 but it wasn't as good as the old one so i gave it away.