Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apple Thieves.

Ever since i moved out of North London i started to rent apartments so i never had a Garden since. My place in up North used to have a huge apple tree and a another tall pear tree! The pears were very juicy and the apples were rather sour so we often picked them to bake apple pie. Oh how i miss those days of my childhood.

Luckily though, this time staying my my sisters, she happened to have a garden and even an apple tree! I asked her house mates if they have ever tried them and only one of them said she tried them while the rest were a bit worried they may have a stomach ache afterwards. I on the other hand am not afraid at all! Sharon came round and we ended up going out to the garden to pick some apples. Rather childish, but it was a lot of fun.
The apples were a lot smaller than the ones from my old Home so i was afraid it might be even more sour. After they have been washed we took our bite.

It was so juicy and sweet and awfully refreshing! I really don't know how long it's been since i have ate an apple without chopping or slicing it up. I'm not one of those people who enjoy holding a huge apple and just biting through it. Maybe because my mouth isn't that huge and i always think it will force my teeth "outwards" if you get what i mean. LOL! But they, these apples were rather small. I liked it. :)

Did you know, The largest apple ever picked weighed four pounds, one ounce. Discovered in Hirosaki City, Japan!


  1. Haha, lol! So cute!
    Actually in the original Danish constitution it was written that people are allowed to pick from fruit trees that hang over garden fences and grew fruits on public areas.. You were, however, only allowed to pick as much as you could hold in your hat xD

  2. Very nice, and a good idea to cook them with some cranberry sauce added for sweetness, then make a crumble to go on top & bake it for 20 odd mins, cool it & eat it with Ice cream...\☺/

    I got some too, and will make Apple & Rhubarb crumble when I get back to my place on Lantau by Monday morning.

    I lived in an appartment near Hampstead heath back in 1990/1991 for a year, and they had a communal apple tree in the garden, and it sprouted literally hundreds of apples twice while I was there for two summers, both times I to get out there in the morning and bag-up a load and cook them, I was eating apple & cranberry crumble each day for months, they were gorgeous. If it is known that there has been no contamination to the ground around the tree, by chemicals or dogs/cats etc, then they should be fine, just watered now & then and fed a little plant food from a garden centre, and a little sugar water into the base of the tree to sweeten the fruit once or twice in pre-summer, they are sweet & juicy!

    I too don't like just eating them, I much prefer to chop them down into a salad with sultanas & Walnuts et cetera, and to cook them into a crunble or pie with other fruits, or to make some apple sauce for the roast pork. In fact, raost or BBQ pork & duck with a good apple and cranberry sauce (or Pomegranate sauce) is absolutely A#1 Awesome!

    Pomegranate sauce you can find in the ethnic foods section of most supermarkets, like ASDA.

    Happy cooking, Lukian, Ciao ciao...☺/

  3. Hehe well I don't know about eating, but when we was around 7-11 years old we lived near a forest in Birmingham. Well it was kind of a forest, anyway there was 2 apple trees and we used 2 climb them and have apple fights. Haha so much fun, until someone discovered the cooking apple tree...these apples were huge and would probably K.O you in one hit so apple fights quickly stopped after that. Having one of those things whizz past your head and smash to smitheries on the tree in front of you as your pacing for life wasn't fun. Aw man, and I took you for and apple biting person too..:( Sad times.