Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's your M&M?

Yup, workers dressed in massive M&M costumes dancing and telling you to come in.
Slightly ashamed to admit I was in there sheltering from the rain today. Lots of people, but nobody seemed to be buying much…except me LOL!

I’ve been to the one in Vegas, and was super excited to see what this one had to offer. It was definately loud and really busy, but so much fun! The staff were friendly, enthusiastic, singing, dancing, etc. It’s definately built for tourists and M&M lovers. Definitely not somewhere for those who suffer from migraines or anxiety related disorders and grumpy old people who think its just a bunch of over priced plastic! Just because its not your cuppa tea, doesn’t mean other people won’t love it! It’s an amazing store, if you’re fun, an M&M’s fan, or just like to be in a welcoming, loud, party type atmosphere, definately a must!

PS. Please forgive the white balance. I forgot to set it to indoor lighting, won't happen again! Promise!


  1. Don't worry bout the white balance, u still look lovely!
    Green is my fav M&M color!

  2. i love your outfit!especially the boots and the umbrella!:D