Monday, September 12, 2011

More Tea?

What can be batter than to spend a wonderful weekday with close friend having High Tea? It's chilled, relaxing, romantic and the food is light while the Tea is never ending!

I don't know why but i have High Tea in hotels in Hong Kong but its still different! Maybe its the surroundings and being back in London. I can be eating Macdonalds in a park right now and still feel like heaven. haha!

Anyway, today i had a great bonding day with my friend. Talked about a lot of stuff that i can't remember - obviously it was a load of crap, but at that time it was meaningful. It just felt great being out and not thinking about work at all. I guess everyone needs to relax now and then. More tea?


  1. Oh lord those snacks look yummy! T__T; I still don't get how you manage to stay so slim when you're a food lover like me. *sob*

  2. love high tea but never tried it in HK :(

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me, I can't miss one day whereby I have a proper Tea break during the day, I guess it's just a British thing that we grow up with, and maybe some people don't get how it works, but still, we Love out Tea...\☺/

    ps: in old England,(times past) when the clock struck 4, everything stopped for Tea, even in Hong Kong, where it was a proper British tradition for decades (still is, in places).

  4. Did you take these with your Panasonic camera? And do you edit your pictures before posting them on here? :)