Friday, September 16, 2011

The Memories.

Have you ever heard a song from so long ago with so many memories tied to it that it made you cry? And didn't you with that wish you could go back into time when everything seemed so much simpler and carefree?
Those are the soundtrack of our lives, the songs that bring back childhood memories, best friends, love and heartbreak.

Taking the walk back to where i used to live, where i met some incredible people, where i laughed with joy on weekdays. Here is not were i grew up, here was not where i first loved. Here is where i found myself. Here is where i first felt appreciated for who i really was. It felt good breathing that positive atmosphere back into my system. Time to time i tend to lose myself in the busy surrounding of where i now live, going home lying on my bed, feeling knackered and angry with my life. Asking myself, why can't things be better? Why am i not satisfied? This is real life, we are told in order to grow and survive we must keep fighting even if it's tiring and makes you feel broken down. Why do we fight and work so hard? To grow? No, to buy ourselves another day from our carefree memory.

Yet, tomorrow is another blank page just waiting to be filled with your experiences. All you have to do is be yourself and live the story of your own unique life. Be Proud. Be confident and most of all, be happy.


  1. Yeah, I definitely know that feeling. I think it's good to look back and reflect on previous events, things that went on, people you met, people who came and left etc.
    < I love your gif over there btw. Haha!

  2. There's songs I don't listen to as they bring back hurtful memories, or take me to places that I don't want to be. Were I grew up, whenever I go there I remember being a carefree kid, climbing trees and hanging out in the forest with my friends. Some songs take me to happy places, but there are few and far in between. Why do we fight? That's easy, 'coz were scared of death.

  3. Short comment but I really like this picture!