Monday, September 5, 2011

The Guy Next Door.

For those who know about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their kids being in London. They are staying at Richmond Hill! Which is another branch from Richmond Gate where i was staying for the weekend!!! Suddenly i became super popular and many friends decided to spend time with me that weekend - trying to spot either Brad or Angelina next door. LOL! Just kidding, but i was accompanied by a lot of mates this weekend.

I didn't get to meet them but since my friend works in RIchmond Gate i decided to get some inside news. Apparently their Kids wanted to use the facilities at Richmond Gate while staying at Richmond Hill. The staff kindly told them that they can't and they started to brag and shout at the poor lady and say, "Do you know who we are? We are Brad Pitt's Kids!" WHen i heard this i was like… woahh………

Here are a few photos of my room. Unfortunately my pancake lens fails at these sort of photos, but it will have to do for now. I think the best part was that i had my own balcony. Normally hotels are strictly "no open windows" but this hotel being only 3 floors high, i guess it's okay.

After putting my stuff at the hotel i went to Kingston for Nandos. Mmm… Nandos….. Something else on my TO DO list and something i have also been craving since i left London. Apparently theres a Nando's in Canada and even Malaysia too but theres none in Hong Kong! Why!? I should buy the franchise for it and bring it back to Hong Kong.

I can't fault Nandos. Even at its busiest, the service is friendly, and they are always happy to help. Also with it being so busy it has a really lively atmosphere.For the price, the food is great although the price has risen since the last time i was in London.
My favorite is the Chicken Caesar Salad or Quarter Chicken with Spicy Rice and Chips. The Spice i often use is Medium.

After a wonderful meal i went back to the hotel with my girlfriends and decided to have a crazy girlie night with Vodka. LOL.


  1. The food looks yummy! :) and it's no surprise that the kids are bratty like that. Sucks for them to be known as 'Brangelina's kids' instead of who they actually are.. They're probably gonna regret their choice of identification rather quickly. ^__^

  2. Very nice place, a good Hotel and I know it well/them well, as I am a regular up at Richmond Hill and have been for many, many years, I do go a lot into Richmond Park to Pembroke Lodge for Tea & Cake, it is a place where my family used to go each summer, I go there now & then to remember my Mother, she loved it there.

    As for Nando's, well, I dunno, maybe there figure that the competition in HK is just far too great (which it is now) and so maybe they just don't need it, but still, you can still visit Paisano's in Wan Chai, our Lasagna is really pretty good you know, the Pizza'a are 100% hand made, not frozen shit.

    Your photo's are okay!!! Ciao...☺/
    Angeli Santi

  3. I'm guessing your pancake lens is only 20mm. With the 2x cropping factors that would make it a 40mm equivalent. Usually photographer use a wide angle lens for this kind of situation. So that would mean anything smaller then 35mm equivalent. That means you would need a 17.5mm lens for your camera. If you want any suggestion I would love to help.

    The food photo looks delicious. The depth of view seems a bit too shallow though. The flag is out of focus. =(

    Just thought I'd nerd out a bit. lol There are probably a few good reason why most hotel have a "no open window" policy. A few that comes into mind. The post likely reason is liability. If a incident happens on the premises of the hotel, the family might try to sue the hotel for negligence. I mean that balcony in your photo seems to be pretty well secure from any jumper. A 3 story jump is survivable.
    Another reason is probably heating cost for the really large buildings. The higher you go in altitude the colder it gets. A open window would only make the heating cost worst.
    Another reason is that the change in pressure between the outside and inside wouldn't be too good for the glass. Have you ever driven in a window day and open your window? Did your ear pop? That's because of a vacuum created by the difference in pressure. In would probably be several time stronger in the building. I haven't done the exact math, but I'm guessing if the difference in pressure is strong enough, the windows might explode/ implode.
    This probably relates to the other reason but the glasses on the windows in larger buildings are pretty big. I think it's like 1.5" thick. That's pretty heavy if you look at how big some of those window get. So it might be difficult to open to close those window in skyscraper.

  4. I love the locations and food pic's Lukian. Nice to see you having fun. Tell your little sister I said: Hi.

  5. It's illegal to have windows locked or sealed, they must by law be available to be opened by adults for emergency reasons, it's only if their are children staying with any adults that the windows must either be open in the presence of an adult at all times, or closed if they have to leave the room, because children have known to have fallen while not supervised, as in one case of a famous pop star, he left the room and his toddler got onto the window ledge and rolled out and died from the fall, since then a lot of Hotels are gotten very touchy about them being open if you've got kids with you, but on your own you can and must be able to open the windows in an emergency at least!!!!!

  6. It is only illegal depending of the type of building. By bigger build, I'm talking about the one that are like skyscrapers. A emergency exit through a window isn't going to help when your on the 10th floor of a hotel. There are usually alternative emergency exits like stairwells. Like I said the most likely reason is liability and the example with the famous pop star reinforce that. The other reason are more for hotels that are like skyscraper and don't have windows at all.