Thursday, February 17, 2011

You only get married once.

So i was watching simpson's the other day and i came across a wonderful scene.
The story was, Marge has started to lose her hair from too much stress. So Homer tries to comfort marge and he said to her...

"Honey, this marriage is a partnership. When you fall, i pick you up. And when you can't finish a sandwich, I, EAT! that sandwich."

Marge starts to cry and hugs him saying, "You're my Rock Homey!"

Then Homer replies, "And i promise you this rock is going to weigh you down for the rest of your life."

It's very funny but at the same time rather touching, so i thought i'd share it with you guys.

Anyway!!!! I finally got my wedding pictures from the shoot! Enjoy!

I know people say you must look your best in wedding pictures because "you only get married once".
One thing i love about my job? I get to wear different wedding gowns all the time, hehe.

I always try to write something in between pictures haha, because i don't want to feel like i'm just bombing you guys with photos like some cam whore.

So what do you guys think?

Comment me please! hehe.


  1. You looks as beautiful as ever! : D I love when you share some of your 'work' with us..

    I esp. like that last photo. It has this kind of emotional feel to it.. : D

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  3. I think they're great =D I like the last photo, too. It looks so...different from other wedding pictures.

  4. those pictures are so pretty and u you are awesome !!

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  6. That's good, the quality etc! It's nice that you get to do the kind of work that you feel comfortable with doing, something that you are good at doing, and don't have to struggle with, there's nothing worse than finding yourself stuck in a dead end job that you are not all that good at doing and are not comfortable with to start with, then you find you have to struggle all the time just to get through the day/week/month, that's no good, but when a person is in the right job, doing what they do best, without any real effort, and then get paid well for it as well as get satisfaction from it, that's a great feeling, and you do seem to be very ''In tune with'' all that you do and have done, since tvb, it's not all about the money or the fame, it's about what you feel is right for you, to satisfy your own ego, and not that of other peoples, if you do stuff that you hate just to please other people, that is what I call bad Feng Shui, or bad karma, or bad luck, whatever you want to call it, it's no good, I know this from my own life's bitter experience, I pleased too many others for too many years, and it was a waste of time!

    Bruce Lee said..... Don't waste time, because time is what life is made of!

    I say, don't waste your time on other people's ego's, satisfy your own, do what pleases you, not others! Live Long and Prosper...\/

  7. OMG... u look like an angel.... beautiful yet pretty~ :P

  8. I love the first 2 pictures. You're a lucky girl to try on so many dresses and get paid for it too! ;)

  9. such pretty photos ^^ if mine ever turn out half as pretty I'd be the happiest person alive XD no im not getting married, not even close lol

    i found some of your old videos, and you can speak japanese?! how did you manage to become so fluent? :O

  10. the last facial expression!


    RE: snowflakesoda

    I studied Japanese for 5 years back in London.

  12. Homer's hilarious, very supportive in his own way ha. and can anyone not see how pretty you are, your upper arms are very long and those gloves just add to that length giving you even more of a sexy shoulder, Gong Li eat your heart out. i can barely control myself to see you like this !!!