Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Best Oyster in Hong Kong.

Relax's take in the stunning harbour view as you sample some of the world's most delicious oysters with an impressive cellar of fine wines!
Where is it? Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong.
I know what your thinking, "Hotel?! God it must be pricey..." Yeah well some great foods are pricey! Like white truffle LOL.
Come on, it's Oyster! If someone told you they knew a place to eat Oysters super cheap, like HK$10 each, i can't promise you going home without the need to shit water. LMAO

Me and my friend had a total of 20 Oysters to share, so 10 each - Which is not a lot.
We could do a lot better if we were planning on having a full on Oyster DInner Challenge, but we wanted to have other dishes too.

For fish lovers such as myself, Their Cod fish has never disappointed me.
I am going to be honest with you guys. I have never really tried the red meat personally here because i'm always hyped up after Oysters for some fish. But my friends tell me that the red meat is done very well also.

So in total we had 20 fine Oysters, Cod, risotto and two bottles of white wine. The bill came up to about HK$3500.
I know compared to the other food blogs i make this is one of the more pricey ones.
But come on, you work so hard to earn that money, might as well spend it on the finest foods.
Plus! Look at that view.... (sorry about the reflection LOL)

This place is defiantly a great place if you are willing to spend a bit more money to impress a date who loves Oysters. Some times, it's worth it :)

Oh and one more thing, it's best to book yourself a table before hand. It's very popular. (Having a table booked is another EXTRA POINT SCORED if your bringing a date. It's Sweet.)


  1. fresh oyster? o frozen oyster and defrost ?

  2. HK$3500? Yeah, that's pretty sweet alright, that's about £2000 British pounds, isn't it? well, something like that, so, it was sweet, for sure, and nice bit of dinner too by the sounds of it, but as you say, you worked hard enough for it, so why not, eh!!

    They make all that available for a reason, or many reasons, because people want it, there is a market for it, a need of it, by those who have earned the right to have that and enjoy it, and can afford it, of course not everybody can, and it's not to everybody's likings, some people get "turned-on" just by a McDonald's chicken sandwich, and if that's all they can afford they are content with that, but everybody has different tastes in life, regardless of cost, but if you've got it to spare and have the desire to enjoy some of what is out there, the best philosophy going is to just 'Go for it' and enjoy it to the Max, have no regrets, live today bcoz you don't know what tomorrow may bring, so it seems that you did the best thing by just doing it, and screw the cost, it was all worth it. (I just wish I'd had all that when I was young & fit, that would be a really nice memory to reminisce upon right now, instead of some of what I do find myself remembering) but if given half the chance to go for it right now, I'd be doing that, for sure; you did the right thing, the best thing, and you'll have that to remember, for always, a sweet memory to look forwards to remembering in time to come, that's good Feng Shui!!!

    Ciao ciao.....☺/

  3. RE: scorpion


    RE: Angelo

    HK$3500 is about 270 British Pounds :)

  4. Sorry, I was still thinking in Euro's when I made that guesstimate on the Dollars...\☺/

    Those Euro's are a pain-in-the-butt sometimes!!!!!

  5. WOW that looks amazing.. the food and the view. I miss HK so much, next time I go visit I will stop by this place for sure!

    Glad you moved to blogspot because I had no way of commenting on xanga =)

  6. RE: ♥Mishi à la mode♥

    HAHA! yeah but some people are now having problems commenting on blogger. It's hard to please everyone LOL

  7. eat one time.. my heart will bleed~ :P haha~ eat everyday.. will die of massive blood loss :P