Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrity MIX "UP" dinner.

Sorry, this post is actually rather late.
I have been busy with work so i didn't get the change to upload these photos.

So, What is a Celebrity Mix up Dinner?
This has been a tradition in this group of celebrity & friends for years now.
Every chinese new year we will gather for a dinner party.

There will be a large round table with a plastic cloth wrapped around it and lot's of different colourful thinly sliced ingredients laid in the center. Such as, cucumbers, carrots, sashimi salmon, bean spouts, onions and lots more that i can't even remember. LOL There were also sesame seeds and some sort of dressing. Each ingredient has a 'Lucky name' or a Lucky meaning for it to be served.
Unfortunately translating and explaining every ingredients meaning would be a pain the the ass, so hope you guys don't mind me skipping this step. haha.

So what happens is, all the celebrity's would get themselves a pair of chopsticks and surround the table. What happens now is that everyone shouts, "Kung Hei Fat Choi" (Happy Chinese New Year!) and start to MIX the ingredients into a big salad dish, UPWARDS. UP also means "to rise" so the higher to flick/toss the salad, the bigger the luck you have to rising this year in the industry.
So there we were up to 20 celebrities tossing and flicking the salad sky high with our chopsticks. Cucumber landing on peoples hair, into our clothing. Nice and messy, yet very fun.
I had a great picture of this last year in my old blog, but this year i was too busy fighting over the highest toss to take a picture of it. But i hope you guys get the idea of it.

After cleaning up all the bits of salad out our hair and off our clothing, we would eat the salad of course!
There is me and my brother Q Bobo posing with our Lucky Salad.

And of course our Big Sister (Hak Mui) for organizing the event every year. Thank You!!!!

oh! haha! this is something that not many people have seen.
This is what Q Bobo looked like 20 years ago!!! I was like OMG! I've known him for almost 3 years now but never seen this "younger" photos haha. He really looks like the stereotyped images of a terrorist. I swear if he was to board a plane looking like that he would get a lot of terrified looks. He said, "Yes, they probably tell me i can't board the plane unless i shave, just to keep the passengers comfortable." haha!!!

It's also been a while since i've seen Ricky(王俊棠). He's like one of the funniest badasses i know. I like him so much!

Me and Ah ho. He's still looking handsome.

Finally me and Henry(魯振順). He's flying out for his concert with Hak Mui tomorrow so no playing late tonight with the rest of us.

I regret not taking photos with more people this day. I'm sorry!!!
Don't worry! More celebrity gatherings soon!
I'll try remember to take photos for you guys. hehe


  1. Looks like you really did have a good time with a lotta good people. It must feel good knowing so many nice people, I imagine a lot of people in the world would be envious, not jealous, just envious, I'd sure like to know a few nice people in this world, I mean in real life, not on here - the ''Internet'' this is *Not* for real, I'm envious, because you actually know real people, nice *genuine* people, not like so many on the Internet these days, you are Lucky because you know the real people, and they like you for who you are. I don't know anybody like that in my world, just business types!(sad huh!)

    Anyway, always glad to see you having a nice time at Chinese New Years party, just wish I could've been there too; aahhh well, who knows, maybe, just maybe, one day in the distant future when I'm down in the dumps & feeling low, I might suddenly receive an Invitation...(or is that to much wishful thinking?) ('In your dreams I hear you say')...well then, I'll just have to dream on, until that invite comes along. Until then, keep well, and enjoy life's many opportunities.

    Ciao ciao...☺/

  2. They call him "The Sand Spider." I guess because it sounds scary. (True Lies)