Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Congee Survival.

So i have been ill for the past few days and went into hospital.
Urgh, i had such a shit time in the hospital i don't even want to talk about it.
Anyway, i'm slowly recovering and i have been surviving on Congee since the past few days.
Congee saves lives, i am serious! Whenever your ill and you don't have the appetite for anything, Congee is the only thing you wouldn't mind eating. Which is like a GODLY thing!
For those who don't know what Congee is a type of rice porridge or rice soup. It basically is rice cooked in a lot of water. You can eat it plain or just at a pinch of salt and it tastes great!
Of course there is many other ingredients you can add to the congee!

For those who have no idea what the hell congee is and comes across it for the first time would think, "Ewww!!! Porridge!" or "Ewww!! looks like vomit!" =.=;; damn u.......

My favorite is Pi Dan and Lean Pork Congee.
Congee is often eaten with fried bread sticks known in cantonese 'yau ja gwai'.
yum yum, i love that with my congee!

You can't get bored of congee because it's basically rice and it's the side dishes/toppings you change. What's why i'm still alive after 3 days of congee! hahaha!!!
In Hong Kong there is a very good old traditional Congee Bar on Victory Avenue in Mong Kok.
The menu and everything is in chinese so for foreigners i'm afraid you'll have to go with a chinese friend or speak chinese or know what you want already in chinese because they don't speak english.

One other thing, it's a huge ass bowl for an extremely cheap price!
It's normally packed during breakfast and Lunch because there are many schools around and afterall, it is Mong Kok we are talking about! But if you go there just before lunch hour or after, your fine :)

But this place is seriously the best Congee restaurant in Hong Kong. Well;; that's what i think anyway hehe. So if you really like Congee and live in Hong Kong or go to Hong Kong. Try this place out!


  1. I can't believe how much you've changed since Hendon, you're looking fabulous. I hope you feel better soon, though, seems everybody's been sick these past few days~

  2. Sorry to hear you been sick, me too a bit, but however, we eat congee and get well very fast, so
    Gung hei fat choi
    Happy Chinese New Year to you...☺/

    And hey, you know what, that congee bar on Victoria Avenue is the dogs nuts, and amazingly I was in there too, just a couple of days ago, bcoz I've had a headcold too, and wanted to eat congee and nothing else for two days, so I just happened to go in there on the way back to my place, it was really filling and hot, too much for me I think, my tummy was bulging a lot..☺/

    Anyway, you really should be taking a lotta vitamin 'C' right now, try to get some "Ester 'C" 500mg tabs, you need 4 P'day, like take one each meal, you eat 4 times per day, right? so you take 1 x 500mg tab each time, then you will start to feel a lot healthier, real soon...☺/

    Take care, Ciao ciao...☺/

  3. RE: Effy

    No, I haven't changed. Just back then people looked at me different. :)

    RE: Angelo
    Yes, i have been drinking a lot of fresh orange juice to keep up on vitamin C hehe :P

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  5. Also, I could have mentioned that Red Pimento's (as they are known in English)are a fantastic source of vitamin C too, and very good/easy to cook with, I L♥ve cooking with peppers, in almost everything, they add flavor, color and texture, depending on how much you cook them, you can keep them crisp, or cook them until soft, in soup for example.

    Happy Cooking. . ☺/

  6. Aha, I meant looks-wise!! :') You grew up a lot!