Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Replies?!

Hey all!
So i just want to ask you all something.
How or where do i reply your comments?
Because i have been replying them on the comments page of the blog you guys commented on.
But i don't seem to get replies back.
So i guess no one knows i have replied them. Or, no one wants to reply me LOL.
Anyway! Just to make sure since i'm new to blogger and all. Just tell me where you guys rather i reply the comments hahaha!

Thanks You!!
I just hope i'm doing this right..


  1. I prefer people replying on my own blog. :"3 cause I don't really get back to their post unless they do. lol xD

  2. Until you mentioned it I actually had not even realized that you had in fact replied to one of my comments last week, but now I can see it.
    I think that maybe, because there is no notification thing on here, like there is with FB etc, unless people look for it they won't know that you did reply, so it is up to then to go back and check & see if you did in fact reply back to them at all. On FB, we get a email saying the Lukian commented on....etc, but not from this blog for some reason!!!!!

    Oh well, we'll all check in future, after commenting, to see if you commented back at us!

    Ciao ciao....☺/

  3. hello! I follow you on youtube and thought i'll check out your blog. Really enjoy your posts and videos :)

  4. Lukian! I think you could reply on the comments below like this. But there is no thing to notify you have replied so I think have to keep checking post a comment section... Which could be annoying if you don't reply.

    And Hi! very cool blog/posts! :D
    Could you post something about China new year?

  5. Sh*t I just practically repeated what Angelo guy said above me... XD

  6. Яаж Монгол хэл мэддэг юм бэ?
    Just being curious...-_-

  7. Registered users CAN have reply notifications emailed to them by clicking on the "subscribe by email" link provided below the comment form. However most people don't really expect a reply when commenting on blogs, unless if it is an opinion blog, where all comments are basically debates.

  8. maybe you can try this on your blogger


  9. The one eye is killer, I've forgotten how beautiful you are Lukian.