Thursday, January 27, 2011

International Dance Extravaganza!!

This was a photo taken during one of our rehearsals. How terrible we look with those socks on our arms. But we just got them and we could customize them.
I'll probs cut a few holes for my fingers to go through because at the moment they seriously really look like socks to me. As you can see from my facial expression i was getting all hyper with the fact i have socks on my arms. LOL!

So the day has come and i had to do like twenty people's make up in an hour!?
I told the guys that "I would b in the studio at 4.30PM so if any of you would like your make up done, come hello me." I didn't expect like 99% of them to come! hahaha! crap, but i did finish everyone in time. Just needed to do a few more touch ups once we get to the theatre.
The show was International Dance so i guess we represented the Hip Hop, Jazz and poppin'.
This was the hip hop group, we also had people in masks that were the jazz and Escoe with the poppin'. When we finally put the routine together, BOOM! everything made sense hahaha! Must look cool from far.

So heres a photo of our professional dancers. Giant Escoe in the middle. LOL.
He is white by the way, His mask makes him look asian LOL!!!

It's too bad filming was not allowed at the theatre, otheriwse i would of posted the show up on youtube, (you know me LOL) sigh...

So this is Ben my dance partner. He says, "I'm looking fierce as always." What is that meant to mean? I'm not fierce! I'm just a fucking badass! HAHAHAHAA!!!
Just joking around. Don't take what i say too seriously, i like to dream as i blog sometimes.

Warning: Douchebag Blogging.


  1. HAHHHAHAHAA, Ben is trying to say that you're a fiiiine piece of ass : P lol

  2. Excellent, you was in your element today, the whole scene really made you buzz, it must have given you a natural high, and that's always a good thing..☺/

    Hope you get to indulge your cat-like senses more often, ans I think he meant that because you are a Leo, you can be a bit scary at times, he felt intimidated, a bit like Natalie Portman did in one of her recent videos, she's a bit of a wild cat too when she wants to be, and some guys can feel a little intimidated by that!!!

    Oh well, enjoy life as I say.....\☺/

    Ciao ciao