Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jarassic Room Service!

It's the day before flying back to Hong Kong.
The trip has been great and quite rushed to try eat as much as possible.
I decided to spend the evening in my room watching Jarassic Park 1 while taking a bath.
After taking bath continued to watch Jarassic Park 2 & 3 in bed.
Jarassic Park 1 being the best of course! Later did i realize that it was roughly 3.30AM! Shit!
Not Shit because i needed sleep, but SHIT because i was so fucking hungry that even if i wanted to sleep i couldn't haha!

So... i did something very naughty... ROOM SERVICE!

I have a bad/good? habit of calling lots of room service every time i get to stay in a hotel.
Come on darlings! What's the point of getting a hotel if your not gonna try room service!?

Trust me, Room Service food tests the best! XD


  1. Crickey, I'm starting to fell like I too should be staying somewhere right now...\☺/ Actually; having said that, I should be staying somewhere; I was gonna be in Barcelona for the last few weeks, and the previous Christmas too, but because of various outstanding issues, health setbacks/problems and time constraints etc, I couldn't go, but that is where I'd like to be right now, doing like you did, calling room service in a Hotel on the now very famous "La Rambla". Oh well, maybe next month or two, or next Christmas, I still got Invitation to stay with cousins in Zaragoza, haven't stayed with them for 3 years/Christmases now. Those are two really good places to eat out, but room service is the best and I miss that lately!!!

    Hope you stay in a good hotel again sometime soon!!!


  2. All your entries about your trip to japan makes me wanna go on a trip too xD

  3. RE: Angelo

    Sorry i can only get back to this message of yours, thank you for supporting all my blogs :)

    Yes, you should go on a trip and do as much room service as possible! it's a break!

    RE: Mila

    I love trips, it's like taking a vacation from yourself to be yourself. If that makes any sense... LOL

  4. i love your iphone cover :) does it has a name or where did u bought that??