Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodbye Tokyo~

Buu~~~~ Going back to Hong Kong.
I think what i'd miss most is how clean Japan is compared with Hong Kong.
Definitely miss the heated Toilet seats and the Ass washing button. LOL
oh...and room service.
I should try calling my Maid via my mobile phone from my room and tell her to bring me club sandwich to my room. haha! Just kidding.
Great quick trip. Ate a lot more than i posted by the way.

Oh! I took this picture!
To be honest i am not 100% it's Mount Fuji.
But i'm pretty sure it is! LOL!
This photo was taken by my iphone, that's why it's so blurring and crap!
I wanted to take it from my camera, but i figured by the time i've searched through my bag i would have lost this scenery from my window.

Oh yes, one last thing. I bought a Bento Box for the Plane! LOL
I know, That's so me. LOL!!!!


  1. Oh yes I agree, it does look pretty much like mount Fuji, it's lucky that you had such a nice clear day to be able to see it with too!

    Ah yes, the foods in Japan, they never fail to deliver, I mean, it's always spot on, the flavors, colors, textures, varieties, the convenience factor in just about every place you go, the wonderful aromas you get wafting around so many places you walk around in, whether it is a big city a small town or even out in the tiny rural villages, there's always the aroma of fresh tasty food around, and the variety is often staggering, there is something for everyone, to suit all tastes & desires!!!

    I'm not so sure about the heated seat, but I'd be okay with the ass washing button...\☺/ heehee

    Ciao ciao...☺/

  2. The food looks really yummy! : D
    Love your headband! <3

  3. RE: Angelo

    I don't know the people next to me kept telling me it's not fuji. :(

    RE: 나니

    it's actually a neck bank to keep your neck warm, but i put it on my head instead hahaha! It's Merci Beaucoup. It comes in blue too! but i like green!