Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Kill Bill Restaurant!

This post should really start with the iconic Kill Bill theme song from the movie and play throughout.
Why? Because i ate at Gonpachi today!!!!!

Gonpachi is the restaurant that inspired the set in Quentin Tarantino's movie "Kill Bill".
The last part of the movie where Uma Thurman kills shit load of people!

WHen my friend told me he was going to take me there i was like, "Oh, God! Long train journey, in the middle of no where, country side, cows, japanese yakuzas..." But smack! No! It was only 10 Minutes walk from my hotel! (Grand Hyatt Roppongi) WOW! We are talking about one of the busiest and foreign friendly parts of Tokyo.

I was shocked by the relatively low prices. One would assume, with the fame the movie has bestowed on the place, that prices would be high…it is Tokyo after all. LOL!

I was wearing a fat yellow Merci Beaucoup jacket today.
I guess i can be the chubby version of Uma Thurman.
Damn i really regret not wearing my yellow adidas tracksuit!

If you are a Kill Bill fan, THIS IS A MUST GO RESTAURANT!


  1. That's pretty awesome, I must make a point of going there one in the near future! ☺/

  2. I enjoy your blog, but I must remember not to read on an empty stomach.

  3. RE: keeperdesign

    Hehe, too bad i couldnt get photos of the food here. You'll be drooling! XD

  4. haha, love the last part of this blog when you explained about the "fat yellow coat" lol very cute!

  5. RE: Cherish

    haha, thank you, but seriously, i should of wore something better LOL