Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Teppanyaki Ten.

The following photos have no relevance what to ever. I am lacking a few photos to link them all together so instead i shall use words to tell explain! LOL.

So i stayed close by to my hotel this evening to do some shopping in Estnation.
Thinking i was the one who wanted to shop for some things, ended up my friend who bought shit load of stuff. So here i am pulling a face bored out of my head while my friend is paying for all the expensive crap they have bought. Me? I headed to dinner empty handed! LOL!

We went to Teppanyaki Ten for Dinner which is also close by to my Hotel and only a few minutes walk for Roppongi Station. The food was so Yummy that i didn't even take much photos of the food! Once it was put in front of my i just ate and ate without the slight intentions of photographing haha!

I just found my Coke very cute because it had Ball shaped Ice! I know, i am easily amused. But it was very cute!!! Come on!!!

Here is a photo of the chef flaming up my Beef Steak.
No photo of the beef steak because it was all eating up before i had the chance to take a picture.
Sorry, this food blog is a fail!
I just had such a great time and i went with five friends so i didn't get the chance to stop talking or eating! hahhaa!

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  1. Well, it's all good fun, good food, window shopping, spending sheckles if you have any to spare, on whatever whimsical things take your fancy, I always do, I've got a habit of buying wrist watches, big ones, just about any time I spot one, I just gotta have it, and rings too, lots of stuff really, I like being on my "Own Time" and going where I like, when I like, sitting & having just a Coffee even can be a good stress buster, or walking around looking at the architecture of the buildings, all that is really good for your psyche "Sai~Kee" (google that) in other words it makes you feel good about yourself, and in a world where so many people seem to seek to pull you down for something or another, it's good to get away from them now & then and be yourself. It seems that you succeeded in doing that again this time

    Maybe you could visit Shanghai next & see what it is all about, and do some real shopping or retail therapy while there. Hope you will..☺/