Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I found a Pearl in my Sushi!

Okay! So i was having japanese food with a few friends and we had these free starter dishes while thinking of what to order.
There i was munching on these mini shredded Oster looking dish and i left a "bone"!??!!? WTF right?
So i kind of spat it out and there it was, a pearl!
Being in the pearl industry for two years now i know a pearl when i see one.
It was such an un-valuable and tiny pearl but you know what? Finding a pearl at a restaurant is like one in a million!

Finding a pearl! Has it Happened to You?

Finding a pearl would be clearly one of the most fun messages to receive!
I probably get excited for you guys, because when I found this natural pearl. It was thrilling. I'm like in crazy surprise and joy. haha!

Of course, not all natural pearls that folks find are worth lots of money...but some accidentally discovered natural pearls are valuable, so don't overlook them or take your pearl for granted.

You never know when you'll find a gem quality pearl that is worth a high price.

Something like mine, worthless, but inside, it's a treasure!

It's close to Chinese New Year as well! So it is a sign of luck? Maybe...


  1. It sounds like a good omen, a Lucky pearl.

    You could call it the pearl of the orient!

    Hey, that sounds like a good name for a new Hong Kong Tea Palace, or restaurant name!

    I have an idea now, how about a new Sushi Bar called "Pearl of the Orient"!!!

    I can sense some very good Feng Shui coming on here!!!

    Well I hope you find some more Lucky Pearls at CNY (Chinese New Year) as well as getting a lot of Lucky money pockets to play with!

    Ciao ciao. . . . .☺/

  2. aww lukian you deleted all your xanga posts! :(
    anyways the pearl is my birthstone!
    and that seems like a good sign that you found one <3