Friday, January 21, 2011

Learn the Secret Recipe!

So i told you guys the main point of this trip to Japan was to eat Ramen.
Well this is the second ramen bar of the trip! Fukurou Ramen in Ginza.
It's an even smaller bar with a ticket machine where you pay for what you want through the machine, then take the ticket to the bar. Very Japanese!

I don't remember what i ordered actually. I only have this photo as a reminder haha!
It was very cheap and rather delicious.

What really surprised me was that the people working in this Ramen bar spoke mandarin!
I was shocked! They were actually taiwanese students working part time.

To be honest, i would love to work in a noodle bar for a while just to learn how to make a great Ramen soup base! HAHA! So jealous! But i guess they do it many hours a day and don't think it's a 'Cool' thing.

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  1. Very nice, I too have frequented a favorite Noodle Bar that I really like, in Barcelona, it is a Hong Kong style bar though, not Japanese style, but the extra long life noodle house special is something else, and I miss it so much, I could not be back in Barca for Christmas again, for the second year in a row, so I was looking forwards to going to my favorite noddle bar, but had to stay home & make my own!

    But however, I did manage to get some friends of mine to bring me some Japanese Seaweed to cook with, and so that was a real treat, as I ♥Love♥ dishes made with Japanese Seaweed, especially hot soups in winter, it really is very good for the health & fitness!

    Hope you try some Seaweed sometime soon, perhaps make a fish soup with it, or fish cake!

    Ciao. . . ☺/