Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Morning Roppongi!

Don't worry, that's not all i ate for breakfast! haha!
You know me, my best meal is breakfast! 
I just ate it all down and forgot to take a photo of it! too late! 

So i woke up to this, this morning! Isn't it prettyful! 
The weather is great and i'm ready for a walk! Or maybe, more food!

hehe! How could i not take a photo of this Robotic looking spider.
It was chilly though. The great scenery of my room tricked me! 

If you are wondering why the colours on my face is uneven and the fact that i look extremely sleepy, it's because i didn't wear make up this day. LOL GO ME!


  1. Woah! Awesome pictures of cityscape and fruits. Giant Earmuffs? Lol imagine someone with headphones that large loool! XD. They should have made a giant web too.

  2. Nice breakfast, good location for going exploring, no make-up!...well, who needs it, when you're on your own time, it okay to be natural, when you're not on show, you can allow your face a breather now & then, let it get some fresh air too sometimes, and it also gives you a rest from having the chore of putting it on, to absolute perfection each and every day, so you take a break from all that once in a while, good for you!

    Asta Luego!!!

  3. Not wearing makeup is something we all should do more often -__-" Oh well.

    Fruits look yummy : D

    Welcome to Blogger btw!