Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tokyo Arrival.

Very Tired after the flight to Tokyo. 
I know that the flight is not long at all from Hong Kong but seriously, i cannot do plane rides! 
I think it's the lack of fresh air and all.

I was staying in Roppongi's Grand Hyatt. After checking in it was time for a late dinner and stroll! 
First thing i needed was one of my best Toro! 
Seriously, this tuna just melted once it touched my tongue!
Now after remembering what 'real' Sashimi tastes like, i don't think i can go back to the fish in Hong Kong!
For those who know me, I'm like a cat, i love fish! HAHA!


  1. The sashimi must be far cheaper and fresher than hk ones right?

  2. As you say, that looks absolutely delicious, and is making me feel really hungry for some too..☺/

    I think it was a very good idea to hop over to Japan for a short visit, it's good to keep your spirits up when you feel a little gloomy, so I know how much good it did you, I feel like just taking off too, even just for short visits, not mind blowing big holidays in the sun, but to cool places just to chill-out & relax & let yourself unwind & not think about life's problems! Hope you go again some time soon..☺/