Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Memory of Orange.

So this day was for DOXA.
Catwalk Show for their newest watches which was help in Ocean Park Aquarium, which is pretty cool haha.
So todays wardrobe involves Smart Casual, Beach wear & Swim Suit.
When i got given my wardrobe i laughed out, why? because my Bikini was Orange!
For those who don't get it, back in the days when i was filming Beautiful Cooking 2 and was part of the Cooking Angels gang, my role was Spring Roll and my colour was Orange. During that whole year of filming and events etc, my uniform and wardrobe revolved around Orange, as it was a way to tell us girls apart.
I haven't worn orange since it all ended, i was so sick of the colour haha!

Not Complaining at all, i had lots of fun and it brought back some good memories.
Hmm, orange isn't so bad, it does kind of suit me hehe!

From the Lukian who can't seem to get away from the colour Orange. :D


  1. It suits you really well! :) Looks like fun!

  2. Lol I'm following you because we have the same first names! :D Also, you look great, you should be proud of yourself.