Monday, June 11, 2012

Ice-cream and Bin Laden?

So as you all may have guessed my trip in Taiwan involved a lot of eating. I ate wherever i went, whether in the streets or up a mountain i was still somehow able to find a food stall - No Joke.
Did i gain weight? I'd be lying if i told you i didn't. Of course i did, not like i give a shit though. No wait, i take that back LOL i did plenty of that. - My secrets of how i stay fit. Okay, i'll stop grossing you guys out.

To be very honest, it's been a while since i've had ice cream on a cone. Maybe it's because in Hong Kong i try to be as convenient as possible. Eating Ice-cream on a cone, ISN"T convenient and rather messy - or maybe i'm just not a very skilled Ice-cream on cone person. Then again, it was awfully hot and humid in Taiwan just like Hong Kong. It's ver hard to control melting ice-cream. So even though i was in a brain freeze stage i will had to try finish my ice-cream asap. Worse experience ever, that's why i often enjoy the little paper cup and spoon, BUT plenty of fun; Sort of reminded me of when i was a little girl and i was never able to finish my cone ice-cream in time before it melted. My mother used to get pissed of and needed to clean me up. So yes, she hardly ever bought me ice-cream on cone, plus she feels it's un-lady like. LOL, yes my mother made my childhood kind of shit. But if she didn't raise me like she did, i wouldn't have much to make fun of now. haha.
Okay! Need to stop spamming on my keypad. I have a bad habit of never checking or re-reading my work before posting so got to stop before i bore the world to the death of Bin Laden...actually that's a rather interesting story lol I'll re-phase that when my brain works. Haha!


  1. Aw you're such a cutie : D My dad once bought me this HUGE fucking ice cream in a cone.. it was like twice the size of my head. I couldn't even finish like 1/100 of it, so he just ruffled my hair and grabbed a spoon for himself and my mom to help me eat it up XD

  2. I beg to differ Lukian. Ice cream on a cone is very convenient! You eat the ice cream then you eat the cone! (Lol, ice cream on a cone debate.)
    LOL, you couldn't finish the ice cream in time. You had a great childhood! but your mom is bananas, smh. I'm goin to buy you ice cream on a cone when I see you.
    Don't fix what ain't broke Luki. =]