Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something Fishy!

If you promised your kids you're going to take them to Ocean Park to see the fishes on a pacific day, HELL you better keep that promise! - Even when a Yellow Rainstorm Warning Signal had just been broadcasted.

So on this day i took my God-Daughter to Ocean park. It was raining horse shit but i guys grown-ups have to do what they promised. To be honest though i would of canceled this trip if it was my Kid. (I personally think it's kinda a spoilt thing to do) but hey! Her parents say they will bring her no matter what then i'll support them on it.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, BIG ASS SHARK! – you will see them all at Ocean’s Parks New Flagship Theme Zone - Aqua City.

*Grand Aquarium: this enormous egg-shaped aquarium offers over 5,000 marine animals including a scalloped hammerhead shark, manta ray, and the Japanese skipjack tuna.

*Bubble Tunnel: the world’s largest aquarium viewing dome. It’s like scuba diving without
getting wet!

*Touch Pool: Great for little ones to get involved with hands-on encounters with sea cucumbers and sea stars.

*Symbio! – a show to remember with the world’s first and only 360° water screen

But that's still not the reason we are all here on this Yellow Rainstorm. The main deal is the new Neptune's Restaurant!! It's main feature is the view of the Grand Aquarium's main tank and all the sharks and various marine creatures swimming in it. It's a fairly swish restaurant!

Okay, here is when the Lukian Rant starts.
It was Ridiculous!!
The Receptionist always give an impression of their restaurant is very full even when we have made an reservation! When really the restaurant had so much more space!

Environment -> Nice & Fishy and very Noisy.
The restaurant is located on a balcony directly above the Grand Aquarium where guest of Ocean park would look at the fish. So noisey kids pointing and screaming out fish names...
The restaurant looked pretty but would have been better if we didn't hear or see all the non-dining guests walking through the aquarium.

Service -> Bad. Not eager to serve
The waitstaff seem very new at their job and there are quite a lot of kinks to iron out.

Food quality -> So,So......
Truth is, seeing that this is the only PROPER restaurant in Ocean Park, i expected much much more! The food tasted nothing better than what they served at the stalls around the park, including the cafes!

The Ramen wasn't hot, the portions were tiny! and the Orange Juice was Orange Squash and Hailey didn't touch her food....sigh.... This was the Kids Meal.... looks terrible........

Price -> Expensive!

It's crazy! The price of this soft crab was about HK$100! Look at the portion size!
Every dish even sides and starters are all over HK$100! The presentation wasn't WOW either... (notice how all of the above pictures didn't have any steam? Not even the Ramen? LOL! enough said...)
Oh it was such a disappointment... The bill came and it was around HK$1600... seriously not worth it...

I guess the most important this is that Hailey had a lot of fun lol!


  1. The one thing i cannot stand is to try and have a meal with screaming kids nearby.

  2. Hailey is a living doll she is so cute. How can they be cheap on the Ramen it's not expensive. Was Hailey one of the screaming kids?

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  4. Sheet, grammar errors in that last post, Ooops!!

    Anyway, here it is again >>>>>

    I like Hailey, she's a clever girl, she knew not to touch that prison tray of "Yukky" stuff, good for you Hailey..☺/ I remember when she went to see Mickey Mouse on her 3rd birthday, she must've had the time of her life!!!!!

    The food thing, cripes, what can I say, it sounds & looks pretty disappointing, and not hot as you pointed out, small & un-filling, over priced, as you say a disappointment!

    Well, at least Hailey was not fully aware of all that, only that she was in no way gonna eat what was in front of her, and she still managed to have good fun!!!!!

    As for the noise, I know what you mean, it does my head in too, when visiting various places, and all of a sudden a school party invades the whole area and all hell breaks loose, but still, I guess places like that are not really for adults, but for the kids, so I guess all that matters is that she enjoyed all the various scenarios, and Hailey does seem to be pretty good at doing that, so I figure that she did not notice the problems too much, and was just all too happy to see all of those big fishy wishy's all swimming around above her. Bless her little cotton socks (and yellow booties too)..\☺/

    Sorry you was fed-up with it though, maybe the next event will "Fair" better!!!!!

    Actually, when is the next big Fun Fair in HK?

    Looking forwards to that, I'll not miss that, not for all the Tea in China...\☺/ heehee!!!!

    ps Give Hailey a little hug from Uncle Angelo!

    Ciao ciao...☺

  5. RE: 死女包

    Yes, me too. :)

    RE: Mellowsky

    She's okay. Nothing compared to other kids i know haha.
    But she does get rather hyper and loud. Takes after her father xD

    RE: Angelo

    It was expected since it was food in a theme park, but at the same time they adveritized their new restaurant so much that i made people have high hopes. LOL.

  6. how do you have a daughter in law already... you're so young!

  7. My comment comes a little bit late, but I'm working my way through your blog right now ;-)

    A fish restaurant in a oceanarium... Hmm... Sounds like an interesting plot for a new Pixar-Film: Finding Nemo 3: The Great Escape!

    You felt uncomfortable with the noisy background? Just imagine how the fishes must feel, watching their friends getting eaten. XD

    Seriously, the dishes look bad. Remembers me of canteen food.