Sunday, July 17, 2011


Me with my Merci Beaucoup ninja getaway Bag!♥
For those who don't know, Merci Beaucoup is a edgy fashion brand from Japan that's getting really popular in Hong Kong.
I've been a fan for a very long time and was happy to be invited to the Fashion Show in HK for it's fall collection.

There's always at least one element of fun in every piece of clothing with Merci Beaucoup. This fall there's quite a few grey and brown toned jackets, simple yet unique with its shark head shaped hood to complete the look. Others were creatively put together with a good mixture of different colours and patterns as usual. Most silhouettes were looser on the body, giving volume and proportion a massive play in this collection. There were a few colour paletters on the catwalk, not only the more eccentric combinations in prints influenced by the sea, but also the more subdued reds, blues and browns, which portrays the land / forest inspiration with constant features of bears. The Spring Summer collection focused on Sailor/Puppy themes with a lot of different shades of blue so i guess it's going to the next level after the Sailing.

This was the Entrance of the Show.

I love this shark hood! Definitely the main piece of the show! ♥♥♥

Finally the Finale of the show.

The show was well lit, held at Crown Plaza hotel in Causeway bay, the space within the venue suited the themes, as there were aesthetic pools within the ground and wooden steps to pass. Bubbles were floating in the air underneath the changing lights as the show continued with good music. (I always love the Merci Beaucoup music in their stores!)

Me and Eddie from HYPEBEAST chilling out while the que to get out via lifts were too long haha!

As you know, i'm quite a PRO & CON person. It's been all PROs so far so what are the CONs?
I guess the only thing was that it got rather crowded and i think the organizers didn't do a very good job in estimating how many guest they can invite with such little space.
The 2nd and last CON would be the Music. Yes i love the Music, but the DJ didn't do a very good job in making a smooth change to the next song, it was rather messy, but we forgave that because the clothes were too eye-catching for us to even care about the music.

Anyway! I was just happy to be able to meet the Designer Eri Utsugi today. :)

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