Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Girlfriend wants to do me with a strap on!

Forgive my voice, i sound like a toad. I'm a little sick at the moment but i promised those on facebook i'd upload a new video today so here i am.

Hope you guys like this video.

PS. I know i spelt Subscribe wrong.... Fail!! LOL!


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  2. Hi Lukian Great video and the best answer someone could give him, to be honest, it is what is missing in many relations.

    wish you get better

    PS. the guy that commented above is getting mad every time he comments, don't you think?

  3. Good advice, Lukian! I couldn't help but stare at the Beatles behind you, though! >.<


  4. Angelo violates the rule of communication. Even your words are true or valuable, the position of you and the tone you used to present your message has lead to a social discomfort to a person. Men with logic thinking may consider your opinions as valuable regardless of the way you present but for women who are highly affect by emotion may not be appropriate. Last but not the least, never discuss women ages in public !!!!

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  6. I think Angelo is just taking her videos too seriously. Lukian isn't making these videos because she's worrying "what other people do/or don't do in private." - she's giving advice because people are asking her for it.

    Lukian, you're awesome! : D Keep doing your thing, cause you're doing it perfectly! I hope we get to see some of your modelling work on here soon.. MUCH LOVE

  7. Alright, alright, enough already.
    Seeing as it bothers you all so much, I erased it for ya. Happy now! \☹/ Sheeeeesh!

  8. Feels like a fake email to me... Reminds me somehow of the rubber paperweight.

    But, in case this is an authentic one, you gave him comprehensible and absolut valid advices.