Monday, July 18, 2011


Don't ask. I really have no idea why i decided to hug Dark Vader in this shot.
So finally another Electronics/Gameplay blog! What is it this time?
BIG 3 GUN SHOOTING Perfect Pack for PS3!

It's actually rather hard to find now, but i was able to get my hands on a few of these in a Game Store in Mong Kok for only HK$800! Which was a must buy! Why?

Released in Fall 2010, This compilation of arcade gun games includes Time Crisis Razing Storm, Dead Storm Pirates and Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version. And it doesn't end there! It gets better! It also includes Playstation Move Shooting Attachment, Playstation Eye and Playstation Move Motion Controller! ONLY HK$800?! WTF?! That's like a full on GAME DEAL ORGASM!

Okay so i'll just make a quick note about the gameplay. I'm not going to blab on about each game in this blog this time because i rather take my time on that in another blog.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm

This game really reminded me a lot of the Movie "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles". The game takes place in a massively destructible environment to fight futuristic robotic alien like terrorists and soldiers. For Nubs i have great news, you can set it to 9 Lives max PLUS you can CONTINUE even after you lose those! So you really cannot NOT complete this game. The only way you will LOSE in this game is if you FAIL a mission and not from Dying.

Time Crisis 4

Okay! So this was one which brought back a lot of memories to me because it was the actual ARCADE VERSION! You know, the ones you used to go into Arcades and insert money to play? I remember i spent shit loads of coins on this and now i can play it for free! AMG!!! I haven't completed this yet but i'll get there. You can also play this game with a SPLIT screen with a 2nd player which is great if you have a huge monitor. Nothing more needs to be said, ITS JUST LIKE THE IM AT THE ARCADES!♥♥♥

Deadstorm Pirates

It's my first encounter with Deadstorm Pirates and it Reminds me of a cross over between The Movie - 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and the Sega arcade series, "Let's Go Jungle!" where the player is given unlimited bullets and a navigation system. This was a very exciting/cute game for me, i loved that there was more than just shooting. This game only starts you off with 2 credits but as you play AND FAIL. You will be awarded more credits according to the amount of times you play and try again. Which is how you will end up having enough credits to complete the game.

Finally i would like to add that in my opinion these games are designed mostly for 2 players because there's a lot of "team work shots" that are needed for extra points and plus! It's a lot more fun! I guess the only CON about this box set is that the games are in Japanese. But i'm sure you Gamers are smart enough to be able to figure it all out. lol

I recommend this game for all shooting games fans !!!


  1. didnt read it yet.. but all i notice is your Beatles Kubrick is covered with staff hiding buuu..n u got kaws rag??!! rich girl!! £X_X3 then again i got the green one :P lmao

  2. Hey! Would you happen to remember what's the name of the Game Store where you bought the Perfect Pack? :)

    I enjoy reading your blog. I can relate cause I'm from HK too! :)

  3. ery nice work, how did it feel? the grip/trigger area looks like it can be awkward to hold.
    Gun Games

  4. RE: Mich

    Actually i found that a few HMV stores in Hong Kong are selling it now, but for a slightly higher price. I bought mine in Sino Centre in Mong Kok. Theres a game store just on the 1st floor next to the escalators going down. Hope you find it. :)

    RE: mariahmash

    The grip and trigger is great. The trigger is very smooth and it bounces back out nicely so you can shoot again and again very fast. Even though the Gun doesn't look attractive it's the best gun case i've used so far. I tried buying Gun cases that looked better but the trigger sounded "scratchy" or "squeeky" and very.... emm.. uncomfortably toy plastic? lol

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