Sunday, November 24, 2013

First time Korea!

Taking a trip to Korea. It's been a while since i really took off somewhere not work related.
It was a sudden decision with no planning, so me and my girlfriend just took off in a click.
I've never been to Korea before and since it was so sudden my friends over there weren't available or couldn't join me on this trip. But that's alright, me and my girl have each other and i just want to walk around, eat and relax.
There's been a lot on my mind that i just want to wash off and i thought this trip may help.

So we arrived in Seoul late afternoon and headed to our apartment where we relaxed a bit, put down our bags and headed out to Myeong-Dong for some Andong jjimdak which is famous spicy steamed Andong chicken dish.

I personally cannot eat much spicy foods, but hey! I'm in Korea, a good chance to train up! If chicken is your meat of choice, Korean Jjimdak is a must in your list when you visit Korea. Main ingredients are chicken and Korean glass noodle, made of sweet potato. I found it rather spicy yet "Yummylicious!"
The cold sour radish soup would be your best friend if you cannot take spicy foods. Every time my tongue felt over burning i would sip some of the radish soup they provide and suddenly i'd be alright! I feel it works better than Milk!

Andong Jjimdak
Myeong-dong 2ga, 2-2,
Seoul, South Korea

After a very filling meal (we ate everything! to the last of its sauce!) we headed to Dongdaemun for shopping! We made many Cafe stops for a Tea/Coffee break with some cake while shopping. Feels like this trip is mostly eating hehe.

Dongdaemun is late night shopping location so we were out shopping till 4am. Before heading back home we decided to have some street snack too to end our night. hehe. Very romantic <3


  1. Wow how did you do your scarf? Can you do a tutorial on that? xxx

  2. Damn! didnt bump into you in myeongdong! im in seoul now as well!

  3. hope you're having a blast Lukian!! I loved DDM and MD! =D