Saturday, September 21, 2013

2 days in Taipei.

Taking a quick trip to Taiwan, early morning flight and taking a good breakfast before i fly. It's a very short trip so didn't have time to do much or take many photos. I'll give you what i've got anyway.

The flight was quick, i watched one movie on my iPad and we'd already arrived.
I was starving, so the first thing i did was head into a local store for some dumplings hehe. I wanted to try everything so ordered a bit of each.
After heading to company, i had some rest and a shower before heading back out at night. I mean, how can you go to Taipei without taking a quick trip to the Night Markets for some late food??

I was eating store to store, didn't even remember what i ate haha.
So, the next day i spent the whole day with the company, meetings and meeting new people. It was a little tiring considering i stayed out late the night before eating at the Night Market haha, but it was worth it.
Once i have finished my main business in Taipei i decided to meet up with some locals.
As you know, the main way of transport in Taiwan is, motorcycle.  I rode on a motorcycle for the first time in my life!

I must say, i hate motorcycle, i think it is totally not safe and a dangerous way to travel, but hey! I know you don't really have a right to say you don't like something if you never even tried it, like food for instance. You never know.
Then again, riding on motorcycle tonight just confirmed what i thought. I still think it's dangerous. Skin over metal, hmm hmm hmm... Never again LOL.
So i rode on a motorcycle to some far ass place to eat some spicy rice noodles stuffed in tofu.

Super spicy, but i guess if i can take on Chinese Ma la bistro this is nothing! I should blog about that actually, i went to my friends Ma La Birthday dinner and every food looked red.
So after a tummy filled with spicy rice noodles and other junk i had on the way i headed home and packed my bags to ready my flight back to Hong Kong.
The next morning i woke up earlier to try have some beef noodles.

Seriously, ignore my hair, lol i just woke up, put it in a bun and headed out without thinking.
Overall a successful trip, tried to do as much as possible in these two days. Hopefully can spend longer in Taiwan next time. I feel a little bad not telling my friends i was heading Taiwan because i really wouldn't have time to meet them all. I mean, I didn't even go shopping! haha! Just food........

Hong Kong, i'm coming home.

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  1. Hello Lukian, this is Chocolatina from TW! I love your personality and what you've been doing around here. Can't believe that I didn't see you in Taipei! Maybe I was not lucky enough :)
    Hope to see you on TV in Taiwan soon.
    Good luck!