Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Typhoon Internet.

So Hong Kong has been going through Typhoons this whole week.
I know typhoons are very deadly, dangerous and scary! Many people die and get injured too, but come on - Every cloud has a silver lining right? I think Typhoons are fun and it's kinda romantic. Thinking i've gone mad? If you are, then keep that shock in mind, and keep reading.

I find it strange in some ways when my friends become shocked that someone could enjoy a typhoon. They are even more shocked to learn that I find earthquakes quite exciting. People often comment "don’t you know that typhoons/earthquakes kill lots of people???" Of course I know that! But the fact that people are killed by something does not necessarily make all experiences of it unenjoyable.

Look people love playing with snow. People go on a ski-ing holidays and have fun building their first snowman, despite knowing that the same weather is killing so many hundreds of thousands of people every year worldwide?

Nearly two million people have died globally due to typhoons. Despite their devastating effects, typhoons are also beneficial, by potentially bringing rain to dry areas and moving heat from the tropics poleward. Out at sea, ships take advantage of their known characteristics by navigating through their weaker, western half.

Typhoons aren't entirely bad. They may destroy crops, but its because of typhoons that Hong Kong is finally getting it's Autumn! Plus, humidity levels have also gone down.

Anyway, I'm just going to end it there and get back to the main point of todays blog.
The thing about Typhoons; It's so much fun because it gives me an excuse to have a slumber party! I mean, if i was at a friends place during the day and there's suddenly a Typhoon, it's always suggested that i'd to stay the night because it's too dangerous to go outdoors/travel. I remember when i was much younger, my mother never let me slumber at someone's place even if it was a girlfriend's. (she's rather traditional) But when there's a typhoon my mother always made sure i didn't come home during that weather and even MADE me stay over at my friends place even if that friend was a guy Hoho! Fresh meat! I don't know why, maybe it's because i've never had a childhood which involved sleepover parties when i was young so now that i'm older and out of parental control, i've gone wild. (it's always the 'good' ones LOL) I love having to share a bed and wear my friend's PJs or their brothers t-shirts! Stealing half their bed or just crashing on their floor with lot's of sofa cushions was never cozier. It's so much fun!

Now it's kinda the opposite, i tend to force people to stay at mine. LOL not force but you know what i mean. I get lonely! I tend to plan typhoon nights and stuff. Seriously, my home is the best slumber home ever! I have a DVD library, full stock up of different food ranges from Pasta to snacks to desserts and lots and lots of extra cushions and duvets! Best of all, shit load of alcohol and if that's still not enough, i can do the Typhoon Dance.

Then again, that hardly happens and most of the time a typhoon comes during the days i'm all alone. Like today. Living on a hill top is another issue - my internet is now completely unstable and for the first time i'm using 3G at home. With nothing better to do i am now rambling blog nothingness while playing Japan Life on both my i-devices.

And yes, i've decided to sleep on my floor tonight.


  1. i just gotta say i notice you mention about being lonely a lot but i dont understand why. you seem like such an awesome person to kick it with hah

  2. Well, I wouldn't confuse temporary solitude with loneliness.

    Nevertheless, should you ever be alone again just click here! XD

  3. i know that feeling lukian..:) not having childhood.. i think asian moms are very traditional.. btw, can i join your slumber party? sounds so fun! definitely gonna play ps3..lol

  4. Lonely is the moment u have to live with only urself. u know how to enjoy typhoon, you should be able to enjoy lonely time. I know your pain. Hugz