Friday, October 21, 2011

Dealing with Break Ups.

Hey everyone!
I'm in Sanya at the moment and it's 36 degrees! In November! WHat the hell right?

During my stay i had some time in my hands and decided to make this video.
I was actually sweating like crazy in this video, i had a box of tissues next to me LOL!
My friends were swimming in the pool so that was a bum too haha.

Anyway, Thank you to all those people who sent me their video and sorry i couldn't fit all of them in. Forgive me.


  1. sorry, I have some comment about the dress(perhaps is Japanese style of cloth: kimono) you wore on the video.

    I used to doing some research about some tradition cloth of Chinese, Japanese, Korea. There are a common characteristics among them.
    ie: There is tie the left side first (right side of cloth wear first ), then let the another side cover it and tie the right side. so, you will see the your colar like " y " at the miror.

    nice sharing, keep on, look forward for your next video.


  2. WOOH video! I'm looking forward to when you get enough time to do videos like your old sketches! >: D they were hilarious!

  3. For the past several years I've been having itchy skin around autumn and winter but so far not this year. ;)