Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Getaway.

Arrived in Sanya today and immediately noticed a huge difference: less pollution, cloudless skies and of course the people. Sanya's selling point is that it is the "Hawaii of the east".

At Sanya Airport, a crowd of Taxi drivers were grabbing customers at the arrival lobby. Luckily my friends were tough so they were able to keep those thirsty taxi drivers away from grabbing my arm etc. I was told that we must be careful with the taxi's here because they are rather sly if you are new. We felt a lot safer after seeing a man holding up my name on a sigh board with the Banyan Tree logo on it. Once the taxi drivers realized we had a limo waiting they all gave out that "should of told us earlier! Waste of time" kinda face and posture and left.
After getting into the Limo we were each given Lime scented ice towel and a Coconut! Nom Nom Nom! Now, that's what i call a good Vacation Welcome!

Actually my whole purpose in Sanya isn't all Vacation, But since i was going to be staying at a Villa i asked my friends to join me. It would be such a waste if i was alone! Besides, i'm a complete chicken shit when it comes to Large Hotel Rooms at night. xD


  1. Ooooo I could really use a vacation. I truly envy you for getting to travel as much as you do..

  2. You post a lot of things about food. How do you stay so slim while still enjoying food?