Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The fog in my bed.

I thought i was getting better but really, i was getting worse. Haha, i know, even the people who never frown eventually breakdown.
Yesterday i was hospitalized once again. It really isn't my best year.
Now i'm back home and while just lying there in my bed i start to day dream and think back at that time in Taiwan. It was raining and very foggy, some people say that this weather makes people sick and depressed. I don't know about that actually. To be honest its the humidity and the quality sun that puts me out.

Looking at the 4 walls boxed around me makes me wish it was a floating glass room above those foggy mountain tops, must feel amazing and maybe i wouldn't be so sick anymore.
I've canceled all my jobs for this week. So hopefully i will have enough time to rest and recover well enough to work again soon.
Being the workaholic i am, doing nothing at home and too sick to play video games what can i do? Hmm, maybe i should make a blog on things to do at home when your sick. Hmm, that's a very good idea indeed lol.


  1. You're too young to be feeling this way. Feel better soon.

  2. Bro you gotta like chill out other wise your onna run your self raggered

  3. Get some rest and just relax!!! Actually.. foggy cold weather is very depressing. I live in San Francisco and its foggy and cold 90% of the year while the rest of California is beautiful and sunny. Fog day-in and day-out will get a girl depressed and moody. XP

  4. Like Obi Wan said to Skywalker....."Use the force, Lukian"
    In other words, you need to call upon your inner strength, or inner reserves, and strengthen your resolve not to be beaten by such things, only think positive energy, only feel positive energy, only give out positive energy, only accept positive energy, and block out all negative energy, and when you have mastered doing that you will be able to overcome many things in life, like your Yin Yang, which is currently out-of-balance, you got too much Yang energy around you, you need to balance that with your Yin or inner energy. Consult a master of Ch'I (or chee in English) or an acupuncturist and you'll be fine.

  5. A good idea, I'm never ever sick but when I am it's bullshit. I think it's all mental, but when your body is fighting infection it's physical and means you're sick... just, if you're down and moody, check yourself. A fog in your head. It sounds like your weather really sucks. Nice pictures. Always wish you the best health Bo'. Remember to rest.

  6. Have you ever thought of spending some nights in a "clear dome tent" so you can be super close to nature?