Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Fruit, The Dim Sum and Candy.

It is pouring shit outside! It's thundering and the rain sounds like a thousand darts getting shot at my window.
I really wouldn't wanna be out there at the moment. Actually, i think i do, just not when im still ill haha!
So my recent trip to Macau i got the chance to meet some of the old Angels!! - Okay, two of us are old, and one of the recent Angels haha.
What a better way to spend my day while a thunderstorm hits Hong Kong once again - Get my blog up to date. hehe.

What's pretty cool is there theres 3 of us and 3 different generation of Angels! The Fruit, The Dim Sum and the Candy.
Haha, somehow i seem to be the odd one out being cooked and all. Too bad couldn't spend more time with each other, it was fun hanging out and catching up again.

...And heres me trying to climb expensive equipment in the store room. - Don't ask, no idea. I looked more like a Gorilla trapped in its cage.

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  1. That was very nice for you guys to be together in Macau again and to get together for a while, even a short reunion is better than no reunion,and so you all larked around for a day and chatted about worldly things and foody things and past times working as the cooking Angels of Hong Kong. Can you imagine the amount of girls that would love to make it as a TV Angel, gosh, there must be a Trillion out there. You lucky girls...\☺/ By the way, when are you guys gonna re-visit Thighland again? That was a fun trip, for sure. Ciao ciao. . .☺/