Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where to now?

Yes, it seems not too long ago that i had arrived back to Hong Kong from the States and now i'm flying again? Wow.
Where am i heading to this time? Well, i gave out a hint on Facebook haha.
I love working abroad because it feels as if you are needed worldwide. It's a great feeling.

Anyway, i decided to head to the airport earlier to do a bit of shopping. One thing i really like about Hong Kong airport is that there is so much to do! So many restaurants, shops and the best thing the free wifi. Not for me since i'm on 3G but i can imagine how lovely it would be to arrive somewhere and having free internet access. - I still can't believe LAX doesn't have a free wifi spot for their passengers.

Okay so the plane Journey was very pleasant. It was a very full flight but i was the only one who had an empty seat next to me. Hurray! No squishy.

Anyway, it's going to be a long flight again. Good thing i bought a comfy stitch cushy ♥♥♥ hehe. So for those who came to Hong Kong and didn't visit Hong Kong Disneyland you can still go to the HK Disneyland Shop at the Airport and buy some stuff to pretend you've been there. Haha!

Hmm, good thing they've changed the Entertainment slightly since the last time i rode. LOL


  1. you are still having profit, we don't have wifi spot free in the airports and 3G is so bad that we say it is like 2,5G

  2. I remember one time I was running around Disneyland in LA looking for the Stitch ride. Found out they didn't have it there. Haha, my face was all red from the sun but it was a fun though.

  3. hey, lukian you love working abroad so what are you prefer the best seat in the flight?