Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LAX Ranked 3rd Worst Airport in the World. Are You Surprised?

For an airport that looks horrible, operates terribly and still has no train connection, who would be surprised at the latest poll results?
Based on an online survey taken by 14,000 members and world travelers of Priority Pass, LAX came in number three behind London's Heathrow Airport and Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris. Oh dear, London's Heathrow - Many people think of London from the old fashioned buildings, depressing weather and basically being plain 'boring' so it doesn't surprise me much in a way and being British I can write a whole blog on that too. But today i'm here to talk about LAX since i've recently been flying in and out of there quite often.

So, LAX, the "Worst Airport" ranking that didn't even surprise officials. Why? This is a busy, crowded traveller processing centre....er, airport. Seating is limited - the floor is your best option, so bring a mat to sleep on! Rude immigration/security staff who automatically assume you are a terrorist or that you will never leave their country. Bathrooms are in poor condition. Signage is poor. There are no conveniences for people in transit....not even a 24 hour coffee shop. Transiting between the 9 terminals is often difficult and confusing.

There is no signage anywhere. On my first visit a few years ago i assumed maybe this was due to construction or something lol. Nope. It's been the same every time and that's just the appetizer. Are you ready for the real ranting? Here it goes...

I hate the Body scanner.
Okay I understand what happened in 911 was unforgivable and unforgettable but still, what the hell. I must say, everytime i don't get picked for the body scan i feel like i've just escaped from getting gang raped or something. LOL!

Speaking of the scanner, the hand luggage inspection part where you take out any electronic devices into a separate tray and walk through the beeper thing while your luggage is sliding through the scanner.
Why the hell should I be the one to push my luggage into the scanner when there's a fucking treadmill?!
"Mam can you make sure you push your bags threw first?" Mam!?
So because you guys have a useless treadmill I must now stick my hand and push my bags all the way through the scanner!? Isnt it your job to make sure my bags are scanned? Lazy fucks.
Plus, I hate having to get my socks dirty on that filthy floor!

Next, Is my British accent really that hard to understand?
Alright, maybe when I blab on and on and on to the point that even I forget even what the fuck I was talking about myself. LOL - But is my British accent really hard to understand for you guys when I'm just asking a simple question? Okay, let's say you didn't understand my English but that doesn't mean you can forget your manners?
"what?" is not polite. If you didn't understand me, try asking me to repeat myself - instead of just staring at me like I'm some sort of idiot.
Remember, your working at an "International" Airport.

How can you not have fucking wifi?!
Don't they realize that people live on that now? It's like not having aircon or even a bloody toilet!
Fine, no wifi, but what the hell, Not even an internet spot with your own provided Computers?
Some people are waiting hours for their next flight what the fuck do you expect them to do?
Hey! You guys think this will get people shopping and spending at your airport? Well they would if you even had any better shops!!!

FInally, Why the fuck can random people be standing around the baggage collection!? Explain! Taxi men, parents, friends of people waiting for their luggage, you guys are so strict about not having other people interfear with our luggage and now you have a fucking tramp camping next to the baggage claim!

Okay, i'm just about done...
I know after all of this many people are thinking "Don't you think you're being a bit over the top?" or "Well, it was great the last time i went." - If so, good for you! really! Because everytime i've been, it's been hell.

What makes it worse is that Los Angeles is known for being ranked the third richest city in the world. When people think of LA, they think Hollywood! Music, Movies, celebrities and fame! People have such high expectations and then when they get to LAX many feel totally let down.

Anyway, besides all this shitness at LAX. My trip was great, had so much to eat! I loved the food, i loved Las Vegas! Work was very successful and i went Crazy shopping on the last day. hehe.

I'll try get the pictures from my trip and post them up another day.

So if any of you guys had any bad experiences in any Airport. Do share! I'd love to know your stories. :)


  1. No I have been through there a few times and it's a hectic place you can get lost in easy.

  2. Haha, I like it when you get angry in your posts xD

  3. that's freaking sux.. i am glad that Toronto and hong kong airport are different, people are pretty polite there.

  4. Awww doesn't sound like a good airport... I'm going there in 2 weeks I hope it won't be too bad! But it seems like you had a lot of fun in Vegas! So that's good! (:

  5. LMAO! No one mentioned your pic...priceless.

  6. i've seen alot of these picture poses where you laid on the floor, like a "pok-guy" picture. Do you know the story behind this picture pose? I'm very curious!!!

  7. what is she doing in that piture? I think it is not a way to sleep.

  8. Sadly... The same applies to most (if not all) of the airports in the us...

  9. Hey mate,
    I know this is a bit late but I have only stumbled upon you recently.

    I travel quite often and have had to go through LAX International more than my fair share... They DO have Wifi, but you have to find it, then you have to pay for it... and pray it is working that day... Or you can find the 'lounge' area which I am pretty sure is out of the way of anyone who would actually want to use it-- in terminal four (by the not so awesome Sushi place.) I have to say if you have time to kill the lounge is actually decent... Food, drinks, internet and their computers if you don't have your own. Comfortable chairs... You pay 10 USD an hour or something to that effect, but the food and drinks come with it.

    LAX is pitiful... I am terrified to return to the U.S.A.- between the body scanner, and my accent I can relate to the frustrating experience.

    The last time I was there, my flights were delayed four times, and they ended up shuttling me to another city four hours away... Lost my luggage, rebooked my connection flights to get to my final destination (NYC) 30 minutes apart... I missed my connection flight, and ended up having to sleep in the lounge while I waited for the next available flight.

    I hope your future trips find you well!

    kind regards from New Zealand,