Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's go to Krustyland!

Lukian went to Universal Studios in Los Angeles!
For those who know or don't know, i am a huge Simpsons Fan. - okay, now those who love Family Guy are unsubscribing lol. Yeh! Well! The Simpsons have their Krustyland in Universal Studios and their own ride! Family Guy doesn't muahahahahaha!!!!
Anyway, I had a day here and did the Front of Line pass thing which was excellent value here as it worked for all rides and shows! I'd love to do a blog on the whole theme park but i'd just talk about Krustyland - since i spent the most time there. The Simpsons simulation of a rollercoaster ride, i thought was fantastic! The introduction and safety video before the actual ride was very funny too! The ride itself wasn't scary but it did make me laugh and very excited. Though i did get off the ride feeling a little dizzy. (I get bad motion sickness...)

One of the other things in Krustyland that The Simpsons fans would go crazy is seeing Apu's Kwik-E-Mart! Where you can get lots of Simpson souvenirs, and they even had Duff beers!!

And of course after i did some shopping in the Kwik-E-Mart i came out and found Bart and Lisa outside! Bart kept on poking my cheek and i used my scissor fingers to "cut" onto him lol
After playing a few stall games i heard many girl screams behind me. I turned around and ended up joining them - That could only mean... IT'S HOMER!!!!!!! LOL He is seriously a womanizer. It was tough getting a photo with Homer there wasn't a line or anything like Disneyland in Hong Kong(people que up nicely lol) You just kinda had to barge in - So i did. I ran up and jump hugged Homer and confessed to him. And yup, this was the moment...

This is LOVE right here boys and girls.. LOVE! Be jealous please. LOL.
Oh! I bought a Homer refill cup after that and had a pizza lunch! heehee My day was already satisfied and this was only my first stop. LOL

Something else i bought back. Hehe, lard Lad Donut! Homers favorite!

I am very happy they have this Krustyland in Universal Studios but i am also very sad they took down the Back to the future ride for it.
The transformer ride hasn't officially opened yet but they were doing "test" runs? of some sort and they allowed people to still ride it as like a try out. Try out or not it was fucking amazing! If that was a try out or practice, fuck i have to come back for the real deal! Our role is basically military soldiers who have to get into an EVAC ride vehicle. The vehicle is capable of moving 360 degrees and we travel around to different scenes under attack of Megetron. You will be pushed around and hit by him and you'd even get wet. Yes, you'll get wet. YAYS!!!

All photos are taken with my Panasonic GF1.


  1. Take a short trip to Universal Studios Singapore. Their Transformers Ride opened late last year. your picture with Homer!

  2. Just a bit jealous of Homer actually. :p
    That place looks like fun. :)

  3. And I felt dizzy too after I saw ur new blog background.. Lol

  4. Hey :) do you mind if i ask where your sunglasses are from, Lukian?

  5. RE: MY

    yes i heard about that. I want to go there too!

    RE: Lychee

    My Sunglasses are Juicy Culture. :)