Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Gold Fairy.

Back to work and a Photoshoot for Christelle's jewelry. Very gold and bright this time and not the usual dark black diamonds. I loved the gold lips and the lashes in this shoot. They were so long and sparkling gold! Defiantly not something you get to wear out a lot. The lashes were pretty heavy and worn out my eyes quite a bit during this shoot. Believe it or not I'm not that used to wearing too much make up. Especially during this hot humid weather. I often like to bling up during winter but not during summer. The heat just makes me not bothered and just want to be comfortable.

Finally all done and they could put the air condition back on. - Didn't want me to freeze to death being half naked and all haha. This advertisement for Christelle will be coming out in Solitaire magazine once again. Can't wait :)
First thing i did after was remove all the beautiful make up. Beautiful but really cant walk out in the heat like this. My skin needs to breathe!!


  1. Those gold lips look really good on you Lukian! Post the Ad pictures up when they're out on your FB! I'd like to see them. :)

  2. what contacts are you wearing in this pic! so hot!

  3. Love this, you're beautiful. I'll let you know when I see a half-naked woman wearing heavy eyelashes and gold lips in the summer. We will be married and happy. ;p

  4. What app is that your using for editing?