Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Take me home please!

I seriously regret not bringing my Panasonic to Walmart. Had to use my iPhone instead for this.
I know what you're thinking, why the hell would i wanna take photos at Walmart? It's like someone going into a Tesco or an Asda, but hey! First thing is, we don't have Walmart in Hong Kong. We don't have any Supermarket like Walmart or Tesco. If there was i would be in heaven.
The thing is, the supermarkets in the states sell some things that even Tescos in the UK doesn't have - HUGE PORTIONS OF CHEESE BALLS! WTF!? Not just cheese balls but they had huge portions of everything! I felt like i was at Cosco. - For your information i did end up going to Cosco here and i realized the portions where even bigger. It was like a supermarket for Hulks or something.

Sigh, if only i could just ship you back to Hong Kong...


  1. Hey, I didn't see those here in Canada! I may have been looking in the wrong aisle. Ah yes, the junk food section...

    Everything in the States is comparably larger than in other countries. When I was in San Francisco, I couldn't believe how large the food portions were!

  2. Hahaha, you better have had fun in the states Lukian. I wonder if I'd recognize you if I saw you in the states. Yeah, you're too pretty to pass up. Hulks? Lol.

  3. "Take me home please!" But you are home Lukian.. 8)