Saturday, April 21, 2012

I got my Slinky!

Hmm Where am i going? I'm going to LA again!!!
Hong Kong is just so humid and hot right now i have fled.
I know i am a Summer baby, but thats the reason why i am so afraid of the heat!!
I have enough fire inside me, put fire with fire and it will just become a volcano? of heat. LOL
Now you know why i love Winter and can still wear shorts while it's snowing.
LA has he best weather! But once again, for m to travel from Hong Kong, it's a 14 hour flight! Lord help us all. What made it worse is that i sat in the middle of the middle rows of economy class!! SANDWICHED! But luckily i was close to the washroom because you know me, like to take the piss LOL.
I didn't sleep at all, i spent the journey watching Annie, Mary Poppins,(Shh, I know I'm weird), Johnny English Reborn, Muppets, Mission Impossible(s) and the very crap bridesmaids - Big Mistake and WALLA! We have arrived in LA. Oh, and i decided to try PSYCHO on all the maps in Sentinel 3. It was pretty damn intense. *Victory fingers with Perverts Face*

Now, Let the LA adventure begin!


  1. Saw you in mei loi qu fong. :)

  2. Hi, As routine you are very charming but you emerge always with something very special...
    I always like to watch your videos and know something new way of thinking from you

  3. I know what you mean about weather. When it's winter, I look forward to some heat. When it's summer, I'm looking to cool down. My favorite climate is Hawaii. Never need winter clothes (closet of short shirts, shorts & flip-flops will do). There is always a cool breeze everywhere you go. People say that its expensive to live in paradise. What would be the best job you can get in Hawaii apart from tourism? Being a surfboard designer. Spend half your working day "testing" your your design. Hahaha. Enjoy your trip, Lukian! P.S.: Very cute neck pillow! :)