Monday, April 9, 2012

Up and Ready!

I can say i'm fully recovered now and back to work.
I must say though, i got a chance to complete some PS3 games during my time at home in recovery and planning to make another game blog soon. Not only PS3 but also i've been downloading a lot of games for my ipad too. heehee.

Anyway, todays shoot was fun and i felt a little like someone from Total Recall or The Fifth Element. - Of course that may just my strange brain acting up. My assistant said i looked more like the new humaniod robot. Coolio! lol.

Oh, and i stole the short hair wig for my GET DOWN! video that was made actually after this shoot haha! You can see a few more photos on my Facebook. :)


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  2. Yes, a good Android look can be useful too!!!!!

    Good to hear that you made a speedy recovery.
    Keep taking the vitamins & minerals & eat well!!!

    Ciao...Angelisanti ☺/

  3. I usually carry cough drops for damsels in distress. i had the chance to give this girl the cough drops but just couldn't bring myself to do it. She's cute and has been sick for two weeks, "Get well soon." It was all I said haha. My strange brain acting up, didn't let me do it. :)

    100% sexy Android woman. My commands would be, "GET DOWN!" and then stuff would happen. ;)

    Woohoo, glad to see you're better and at your best.