Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Golden Christmas.

Another one of my Fuji surprises, i'm starting to consider searching the internet if someone is selling the same model and get another F100. It's photos never lets me down even though it's so old!

So, a nice golden shoot this time, slightly freezing but it's all good.

Being so golden really reminded me of Christmas and makes me crave for a white Christmas. It doesn't snow in Hong Kong which is a bummer, maybe i should just got to Beijing this year or maybe head back to Japan and enjoy the hot springs.

Sigh, unfortunately my schedule is often full during the celebration seasons so i guess i'll just be working this Christmas and New Year like almost every year...BUT! I defiantly should plan something when it's all over hehe!

Any Suggestions?


  1. I am always your fan... and you are awesome Lukian Gorgy

  2. Malaysia. We don't have snow, but we do have Snow World. :P

  3. I've mentioned this suggestion before, and I'm gonna do it again, that I think you'd like a little break away from it all in Reykjavik in Iceland, as you've never been there before, and if you like snow that got plenty of nice cool ice and a few hot water geysers, and a pretty good Christmas party atmosphere, plus good shopping, good food.

    Well, that's only a suggestion, then of course there is Australia, another place you haven't gotten to grips with yet, and you should, at least the language is English and everybody speaks it, so that in itself is a break from Hong Kong and it's 3 languages, so maybe that might be another consideration.

    Anyway, wherever you go, whatever you may do, you can get into some freelance photography, and get some practice in. We hope you do get a nice new camera for Christmas, why not treat yourself, why wait for someone else to, when you can treat yourself!

    Whatever you do, enjoy it to the max. \☺/

  4. comee to beijing :) it isnt snowing now but it has been like 2 weeks ago ! awww i miss hong kong so much !!

  5. You need to tightening up your thights...