Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'VE decided to start a new youtube channel.
I don't feel so Evil nor so Genius anymore,
but more of a nommy Sauce, like soy but... It's Xoy.

For those who didn't get it, here is the REAL new video upload hehe. Enjoy :)

This video is just to say hi and Welcome you to me new channel!
I will make more videos and upload them here.
It's also my 10 year anniversary of blogging. Amazing how fast time flies right?
Keep those mails coming in! And Thank you to all of you for your support!
I know i've said it many times already but i really to appreciate all of you. :)


  1. What's this, no comments on here yet? Like; wtf is that all about then? Well, I dunno, maybe the usual peeps are all on holiday or something; as they say in American English "Go Figure"!!!

    Well, anyway, I'm still around, plenty busy, but still find or make time to keep up with things/happenings/events on here, and I've already subscribed to the new YT channel, as I'm sure many others will also do in due course.

    Anyway, have fun, and make full use of all that you have got on these various facilities, FB, YT, etc, you have to do it all while you're still young, bcoz when you reach my kinda age range, things aren't quiet the same anymore, people (especially younger people) don't treat you the same, there is less respect in the world nowadays, for anybody, especially anyone who is even remotely older than yourself, so doing for yourself what you can while you're still young is paramount, meaning, you gotta get out there, or risk becoming a couch potato, like many are nowadays. Then again, having said that, there's nothing wrong with having a quiet life either, if that's what you feel more comfortable with (like I do) then that's what you need in your life, not a life in the fast lane, that is definitely not for everybody, and can be disastrous for anybody who tries to run with the wolves and live life in the fast lane, no, if taking it easy in life suits you, then that's the way to be, fun in very small doses now & then, success is what gets the bills paid, not fun. So, be success full, but take it easy too!

    In Spanish I often say to my friends:>

    Descanses y tomalo con calma. Vale!

    Rest and take it easy. Okay!

    Ciao ciao. . . \☺/ aka 'Angeli Santi'

  2. hi lukian :) i just want to say I have been a reader of your blog for how many years now.. I mean your video blogs :P I am a fan of yours. YOur beauty never faded ever since I first saw you in you in your magibon replica video from youtube :) I'll keep reading your blog. i'll keep supporting you :) mwah from Philippines ~sheri amor

  3. lukian? can I ask what is the title of the song on the ending pls? thank you