Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm a Stylish Girl!

Ya, Apparently so...

Yes! They are twins indeed! (and so much younger than me, lord, what are kids feeding on nowadays!?) Easily amused as i am, i find identical twins an amazing creation. I mean, they look the same! Then... you see handsome model twins working together in one show? Wow! Actually there were 2 pairs of model twins during this show, Male and Female identical twins! Except the Female pair never showed up together so i had no idea i was talking to one sister one day and the other the next till they actually decided to stop fooling with me and tell me, the truth. :(
Yes, at the moment, i felt very stupid indeed.

On another note though, i felt extremely tiny next to them and i'm not short. I do wonder what it's like being so tall though, looking down at everyone? LOL well, can't have it all. People who are short want to be tall and people who are tall think they are too tall. My opinion? Just be happy and use what you got to it's fullest! ;)


  1. O_O Ooh La La! How lucky you are to be working with just handsome, tall twin models! Wasn't there a saying: "Good things come in pairs."? LOL

    As an Asian, you have the advantage of looking younger than your European counterpart of the same age. To me, you actually look younger than the twins! :)

  2. Amazing! I wonder if they're Gemini's like me!?! (Nice fishnet tights too \☺/)

  3. Gosh, you're not short and you're wearing high heels, and yet they loom over you one head taller ! Did you ask them their exact height ?

  4. haha wooo, go asian slow aging genes. (your not even old loool) Looking gorgeous anyway chick x