Monday, January 9, 2012

DISNEY KIGURUMI - The Magical Journey!

Finally arrived at Disneyland Hong Kong. Already got stopped many times for photos - maybe people thought we worked here. People even asked if we got our costumes from the Disneyland shops! Of course we had to disappoint them on that.

Okay so some of us were pretty much hung over - Mainly Sully. Funny! there were actually warning signs when you queue up saying "You must be sober to ride." LMAO! Anyway we did manage to have a lot of fun even though today was a public holiday and Disneyland was packed! You know what5 that means.... long long long queues...

Jack looks like an old man and Sully is just.... Sully?
So anyway, another reason for todays trip was also because Hong Kong Disneyland opened a "TOY STORY LAND" that has a RC Racer - a high-speed U-shaped coaster ride, Slinky Dog Spin and a Toy Soldier Parachute Drop (which we were unable to try since the queue time was 90minutes) FUCK!


  1. I was at this amusement park, wearing a red shirt similar to the staff, then a man came up to me with his daughter and asked me if she could ride the roller coaster I just got off. Sadly, I didn't think she was tall enough. I asked him to check with the staff at the top of the line to see if she could ride it. There was a sign at the bottom that said she was too short. He didn't speak English very well. :( But, she rode it! :)

    Easy conversation starter. Yeah, where did you grab your costumes? :/ Best conversation starter. Yeah, are you naked under there? :P

    RC Racer. <3 You probably nerded out when you saw them.

    So is this like a club or something? Hilarious.

  2. hI!!
    please can you let me know were you got your kigurumis from?