Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DISNEY KIGURUMI - Late, tired and Hungry!

Who knew having fun can actually be tiring? At the end of our Magical adventure we all slowly started to lose our "hyper" attitudes. It was getting dark and we can't go home without watching the fireworks! So the only thing that was left for us was to repeatedly ride on Space Mountain since the queues were down and do what dear Action Bastard would tell us to do - Put our mouth on a sausage!

Disneyland does these jumbo sized hot dogs with either chili or creamy mushroom sauce. it was a nommer! Yes, Action Bastard HO! You were right again! After eating that amazing sausage our energy levels were restored and we finished the night with the wonderful Disneyland Firework displays. To be honest, it was rather romantic. It felt warm even though we were actually getting sandwiched by the crowd. Well, me and Marie were pretty safe. We had Sully and Jack Protect us! hoho!


  1. your costume looks so cute.
    those sausages look delicious. :O

  2. I L♥ve Sausage Curry, or Curried Sausages, whichever, either way I L♥ve sausages in/with Curry Sauce made with Sultanas. Reminds me of good old London, Camden Market on Saturday afternoon. It's still as busy a hell nowadays, but it's worth a visit just get the experience of the wide variety of extremely scrummy food dishes.

    I also L♥ve Jacket Potatos with a whole load of curry sauce poured all over them.

    Sometimes, food can be such magic; dont'chya think? . . . ☺/ Ciao ciao = bye bye.

  3. Had that last night for dinner, was hungry. :)

  4. HAHAHA omg sorry but that just looks gross xD I don't eat sausages at all, so maybe that's why.. I love how you're a model that still loves good : D Yay!

  5. RE: Angelo

    haha! don't get me started on the Jacket Potato thing!!!! I'm craving it!

  6. Please!!!!! Help!!!!! tell me where you got your kigurumi. It looks like Sazac but I cant find one that has the bottom part of the mouth. Did you buy it that way or put the bottom teeth in yourself?

  7. RE: barbiehigh

    Hello. Its just a regular Stitch Kigurumi that i bought. I just wore my adidas zip up inside ( and somehow it matched very well and gave stitch a open and close mouth depending on how to placed the hood. Hope it helps :)

    1. Thank you soooo much. The adidas zip up is super weird too...i just might need to have one of them also. Ordering stitch tomorrow from Sazac.