Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another New Beginning?

Have you been thinking about your New Year’s Resolution already? Let me guess. Oh wait, there's no point! No one keeps them anyway! Asking for someones New Years resolution is actually just a conversation starter during the ending weeks of December.

Apparently the world will end this year.
Suddenly everyone wants to live life to it's fullest. It makes me laugh. Why? Because first of all shouldn't you be living life to the fullest on a daily basis? I mean, people die unexpectedly everyday! If people only die when the world ends then even more you should of been treasuring every moment!

Okay, so i did think about it. If the world suddenly just exploded and everyone would just die - Let's just say on December 31st 2012. I would go traveling and visit places i have never been before and meet new people! taste different foods! and everyday i would smile and there will be no tears of sorrow but with joy. On the final moment i would love the people of the whole world to just all join hands - now, that would be a scene. Of course, that would just be too much to ask for so i guess the best way for me to leave this earth would be in the arms of my beloved while listening to my best playlist.

Right! Enough of this shit! Point is! Just don't waste anymore time! Try do things differently this year! Just for fun! You never know when your time is. I mean, i may even just choke on a fish bone to death during dinner or walk out of my home to buy some milk and slip on a leaf and just...die lol. Seriously! these things happen!! You know how many people in Hong Kong die from trying to close their window and randomly the window just falls off and takes you with them? That's scary shit! But still! that doesn't mean you life your life taking no risks! I don't want to survive! I want to live!


  1. That's a interesting thought, but I think it's a lot more complicated then this. Wish I could discuss this more in depth with you, but I guess a comment will have to do.

    Looking at this from purely a logical stand point, your completely right that you everybody should live life to the fullest everyday of their life because you don't know when death will come for you. I don't think it's a matter of wanting to survive versus to live. But rather I don't think everybody is lucky enough to be in a position that the can realize their dream.

    But in life, nothing is that simple. I think that it's only when we realize our own mortality that we as human (or at least for most of us) can appreciate how fragile and short life really is. I really don't have any first have experience with this, but based on observations it seems that "life" is the thing that prevents us from living our lives to the fullest. For example, before you travel the world, you need a lot of money. So a good job has to be given. If you do find a job, then it might not be the best time to travel because your just starting your career and you tell yourself that you still have plenty of time. Then you meet misses or mister right and your star to settle down instead. Then you have kids... etc, etc, etc. The point I'm trying to say, is that we tend to be so busy with our own lives that we end up sacrificing what we truly want to do. We might face death on a daily basis, but I think that we tend to disassociate ourselves from the situation. Even if dozen of people die from windows follow down, we tell ourselves that it can't happen to us. It isn't until we personal face our mortality, like the world coming to a end that we realize that there really isn't any more time to do the things that we want to.

    That's my 2cp on the topic at least.

  2. I agree with Someone's comment. Not everyone has the choice to live their life the way they want to. In many countries, for the poor, putting food on the table everyday is still a challenging process. Many working class individuals may be tied down by debts (e.g. mortgages or credit cards). The rich may be tied down by family-owned businesses.

    "Living life to the fullest" is a statement that I often hear from people that I know.

    One caucasian guy I know, began his travels in his early twenties. Right after his university studies, he applied for jobs in many Commonwealth countries. Work and travel combined. He got married in his early thirties, bought a couple of houses for renting and is currently travelling the world with his wife and friends on his own yacht. A dream made true.

    Another caucasian guy runs a small image scanning business with 3 employees and he spends most of his time on his own golf course. Talk about relaxing life!

    One Filipino guy owns a family business in the Philippines. He has worked in big companies in the U.S. (e.g. Boeing) and travelled to many countries. Finally settling in Canada as just a regular IT guy, with wife and 2 daughters, he says that if he were to leave the world today, there is nothing that he regrets not doing.

    For me, as long as people around me (including myself) are happy, healthy and I have a job that I love, then that is all I ask for.

    OMG, I didn't know people in Hong Kong have fallen down with their windows! Yikes!!! I've only heard of windows falling on people down below! Scary!

    Just to let you know, I really enjoy reading your posts. You not afraid of speaking your mind and you have the ability to view life (even small things in life) from a very different perspective than the average person. Sometimes, after reading one of your posts, I would think: "Cool, I never thought of it that way!"

    Hope you will continue to post more often, especially the little creations from your kitchen! Everyone has to got to eat, but knowing how to put a simple but delicious meal together is the key. I like your simplified dishes.

    And lastly, you have a Happy New Year too, Lukian! You take good take of yourself! I wish you all the best for the year 2012!

  3. Hmm... I also want to add that I agree with you that very little if any at all actually keeps their New Year's Resolution, but I don't agree with you in that it's completely pointless. I think it helps it realize the closing of a chapter in our lives and help us set the tone for next chapter to come.

    I think that a New Year's Resolution gives us a opportunity to reflect on our lives in the past year. Whether the past year was good or bad, a New Year's Resolution gives us hope for how we want the coming year to go. There really isn't much different from December 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM and January 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM. But the psychological reassurance that things WILL be different gives us comfort in our lives. Say you got bad grades last school term from a bit too much partying and your resolution is to improve your grades. It gives us a chance to realize our fault and the illusion that we can compartmentalize our life. You can tell yourself that '2011 was a bad year for grades, but this year will be different'. In a situation like this, it gives us the ability to leave the past behind and move on with new hopes of the future.

    Just thought that this is something worth saying because you mention this on your facebook page a while back.

  4. Life is meant for living, all you can do is live each as it comes, the best way that you can, some days will be good, some will not, remember the good days, forget the bad ones and just move on & keep moving, do all that you can do in life, as & when you can, while you can, because later there may be no choice, once gone, many things tend to stay gone, if you miss them, that's it, end of, no more chance of ever having & experiencing them ever again. I'm glad I rode Motorcycles when I was young, and that I trained like a motherf****** in the martial arts when my body allowed me to do that kind of crazy shit, I'm glad I did a lot of things in a lot of places, bcoz I can't anymore, all that is now gone forever, I'm also always regretting that I did not do (or get the chance to do) a lot of other things when I was young, bcoz all that too is now gone for me, I cannot do or be certain things anymore, and if you miss out on things in life, life will never forgive you, it makes you think about and constantly rgret not having made it in certain things, it just seems to follow you around wherever you go, and bother you in your daily life, the fact that you didn't do this and didn't do that, and it makes you feel miserable that you lost the chance of ever trying, there is only one chance in life, it's not the same later, after you hit 30, 40, 50, etc, it's not, I cannot do certain things anymore now, and even if I could, I no longer want to, so I can only advise anybody to do what you can, as soon as the chance to it comes along, bcoz if you miss it, you'll regret it later on, I do, all the time, when I eat, when I sleep, when I work, it's there bothering me all the time, so whatever you can do, go for it, and do it now!

    Happy New Year to You Too.
    Angeli Santi...☺/

  5. Windows randomly falling off taking people lives with them sound so funny, and I can't stop laughing. I think you been watching too much reality series. Just think of your favourite things to eat and fast forward years later. Would you still like them? Nothing changes except time but it probably tastes just as good the first time around.

  6. Is your hair for real? Because it is absolutely hideous

  7. I'm listening! Makes me think, don't think, do. Thank you.

  8. RE: Ken

    Thank you for your opinion Ken. But yes, my hair is real.