Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back in the Kitchen.

Apparently i'm one of those people who when you look at don't expect to be able to cook - let alone ENJOY it. But really, i'm not bad at cooking at all, and i love it. Unfortunately with my busy lifestyle the only meal i can actually cook is my breakfast - because i must have it. I can go working a whole day without eating so long as i've had a good breakfast.

I remember back in my college days my friends used to just head over to mine for soup or dinner since i lived less than a 5 minute walk from the college. Those were the fun days. hehe.

Anyway, now in Hong Kong i would head over to my old friend's place once in a while and cook dinner for us - Like this day and catch up with each other.

Tonight's Menu:
Tomato & Potato Soup
Tamago Yaki
Teriyaki Chicken
Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish.
Spicy Salted Vegetable
Common Salad & Rice

I have realized i haven't made any recipe blogs compared to my old blog. I will try do more when i can the chance. Let me know if theres any dishes you'd like me to do the recipe on. hehe.

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  1. The food looks so tastyyyyy :) Could you upload the recipe to the Tamago Yaki?

  2. Wow, you can cook!
    While me, a housewife whose is not able to cook, haha!!

    Loved the post can't wait to see more food posts!!

  3. Yummy, Yummy! You make cooking look so fun! Thanks for the post, Lukian.

  4. The recipe for everything! Haha!

  5. That looks yummy, very yummy...☺/

  6. You get so busy during the day that you forget to eat. Or are not bored enough to eat. You eat ambrosia everyday, your food is delicious looking.

    Do the recipes for the soups or dinners your friends would have at your place, in the fun days.

    You're a talented food preparer, don't judge a book by its cover. :)

  7. RE: Alice

    Sure, i wrote the recipe for that before on my old blog. Hehe ill sure try do it again :)

  8. RE: Robert Powell

    Thank you. I will try :)

  9. it looks delicious, can you place the recipe here ?