Monday, March 12, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta laugh...

Something bad has happened the night before, so sleep was just a hell hole.
Finding yourself watching the clock like a count down bomb. Finally hearing the your alarm ring. You get up and look at yourself in the mirror telling yourself 'it's time' and force a smile on your face.
I freshen up hoping that would make myself look and feel better. I make myself a cup of Tea while checking my mail on my phone. Driver is on holiday so i took the train to my work destination. I'm early, as always...
Greeted and shook the hands of people i'd be working with today with that fake hardened smile.
"Can i pass?" yes i did. People didn't seem to tell. I sat down and got my make up done, the soft tapping of that fluffy brush on my eye lids was like a massage while the flowery scent of the make up artists perfume was making me drowsy and too relaxed. She noticed and instantly asked if i wanted some coffee or tea. "Yes, that would be wonderful," I replied still trying to recover from last nights images. I thought i could act my way through todays shoot but no, the camera caught the sorrow in my eyes and the photographer knew i wasn't at my best today.

In my head i was repeatedly trying to think of ways to cheer myself up. "Think of Kingston panini's! Think of running through a bridge of pigeons! Think of that incredibly astonishing feeling of finally completing External Sonata! Don't be a weak bitch!" and then... during the silent moment of the music changing. Someone gave out the biggest fart. No one wanted to admit the fart but the photographer pointed out that it sounded like a cute fart so it must have been me. Knowing it defiantly wasn't me, i laughed with embarrassment and said "NO WAY! I always admit my farts!!" The crew bursted out laughing while the photographer said, "Sorry guys i had beef curry noodles!"

Laughing somehow fire-bolted those sour images out of my head. I didn't feel so weak anymore and finished the shoot with a new story to blog about.

Sometimes you really don't feel like laughing and most things you'd normally laugh doesn't work. Doesn't mean you wont laugh again. When something is really, really funny. You'll laugh - No matter how upset or depressed you were.


  1. beef curry noodles for the lols

    everything is now lolrrific

    look up every day it will give you something to smile about

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  3. you are awesome!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your little story with us. You are very fortunate to be around people who care about your feelings. I don't know how well the photographer knew you but he/she went out of his/her way to make you laugh. Now that's what I call a good working partner. Work doesn't have to be all professional during every minute of it. Sometimes a bit of a lift goes a long way.

    PS: You still look great in those photos! Wishing you a Happy Tuesday!

  5. A true professional is someone who can work to the best of their ability, even when they don't really feel like getting up in the morning even, let alone actually working.

    It seems that on this occasion you did in fact succeed.

    Now you are a True Professional. Well done.

    Ciao ciao.....☺/

  6. "Don't be a weak bitch" LOL
    Lovely photos <3 And I love the new header it's gorgeous

  7. Good story. Made me laugh. Makes me wonder what happened the night before! And then forget about it because of the beef curry noodles.

    I'm late all the time... It's like a new world when I'm early. Suddenly, there are all these new and old people that exist before I get there. Best time to socialize.

    That's what I like, I wish there was a laugh like that everyday. Where everyone agrees 'this is funny' and just laughs. =)

    Disgusting things not to do girls: fart and try to hide it when it's obvious, deep manly grunts, pick your nose, or smell yourself in places not to be smelt.

    What are you doing with your hands Lukian? Looks like you're prepping for surgery. Are you holding something I can't see? Just so mysterious.

  8. Glad to hear that you were finally able to return home to your own bed. Nothing nicer than home sweet home. Heard from a friend that Vitamin E helps in preventing any scars if you are worry about that.

    Man, your Instagram photos are so mouth-watering! Seriously, have you ever thought about becoming a food writer? I'm not talking about blogging. More on a freelance job where you get $$$ for your work. Going to restaurants, coffee shops or even hawkers stalls in HK and even traveling the world. Having your own English column in a magazine would be cool. Anyways, just a thought. Take care.