Friday, March 2, 2012

Sneaky Peek!

In the middle of a shoot for what? For my new Blog Design!!!!!
Woot Woot! Sneaky peek! hehe.
It's been a year already and it's time for a change. Yes, i am wearing the British Flag T-shirt - dammit that's such abig spoiler for my next theme!
But that's okay. I hope you guys will like it once it's done.
I did think about making another banner competition but i've been so busy lately to update my blog so let a lone handling another competition again... I'm sorry.. Forgive me.

I will try my best as usual to update you all with my latest news and updates!
Stick with me!! Don't leave mehhhh~~~ >.<


  1. can't wait!! love viewing your blog,love your thoughts and everything. So please update more!! ;)

  2. love your blog and your personality!!!

  3. Wooo I'm excited : D Are you doing any modeling lately? We rarely get to see you in action :C Hope to see some of your work soon!

  4. *raises right hand* I promise I will not leave youhhhh~~~ ^.^